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Admin Themes

GetSimple allows developers to customize the colors within the administrative panel - effectively “branding” the control panel.

Tips to a good and working admin color scheme:

  1. Place the file as admin.xml inside the folder /theme/
  2. There are a couple images within /admin/template/images that might need to change as a result
  3. Colors need the hash in front of the hex value. eg: #333333
  4. Do not use shortcut hex values. eg. #333

The format of admin.xml is:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
	<title>Admin Skin Name</title>
	<author>Your Name</author>
			<!-- tab hover background, link hover -->
			<!-- non-active tab background, active main tab text hover -->
			<!-- header bottom fade color -->
			<!-- separators, active main tab text -->
			<!-- header top fade color -->
			<!-- site name link color -->
			<!-- non-active tab text, separators -->
			<!-- side tab active shadow -->
			<!-- side tab active background, page subtitles -->

Download an example file from Extend

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