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Full Version: *** Admin Task manager just under the right menu ***
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Dear developers,

when we do multi-pages with multi-links between each pages on a large website it could be appreciate to have a free text field at the right side (just under the menu). This text field could then be used to insert personal data for the current website administration. It could then be used to write tasks that must still be done for the current website.

Sincerely thanks if somebody could give it as an admin plugin.

Have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-)

P.S. : this is not an april fish but well a really need.
You just gave me a really good idea for a plugin...

It may solve what you are describing..

I'll see if I have some free time over the next couple days.

- Matthew
Dear OWS_Matthew,

it could be seriously help for many people.
But it must be always visible for all pages then must just disappear when we logout.

To start it could be a simple text field. Where we cans then write what we want.
Personnally I will always write on it like this :

ToDo : bla bla bla
ToCheck : second step (then it will be deleted when published)
Remarks : cross page1 with page27

Then it is not necessary to have a more sophisticated task field management.

A more sophisticated task field management could be the possibility to select (with a combo box) other website developers. I explain : consider you are three people who work on the website you develop. Then by selecting the website developper in the combo box just above the text field you will see and / or add task for the selected developper. To secure the text task field management, when another developper has selected a name of a developper then this name must disappear from the combo box (then the text task field will not be available). It will protect than two separated developpers could change the task field management in the same time.

Sincerely thanks to develop it and with pleasure to have soon the first phase of task field management and may be the second phase with multi developper.

Have a nice day,

Miguidap ;-)
These are great ideas, my idea is similar but not as advanced..

Ill just have to see what I turn out!

I'll post here when it's completed.

I will wait it... ;-)

Have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-)
Dear OWS_Matthew,

did you find time to create the described administrator task manager ?

Sincerely thanks and have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-)
I have not.. Sorry
Dear OWS _Matthew,

and did you now found some time to create our needed admin task ?

Sincerely thanks and have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-)
I haven't I am sorry for the false helpl, I will try soon but it has been very crazy lately for me.

> I will try soon but it has been very crazy lately for me.
Then do not let things change you in crazy mode ... hihi ... ;-)
Keep quiet it will change soon ;-)

Even if the proposed idea was just to have a right (in admin page) little task follower I still had a new complementary idea.

Link a task to a page (when already started). Then in the list of page we could see at the left a progress bar icon with six states (set in the task follower (at the right place of the admin page)) :
- full red = to do
- full green = finished page
- 25% green = 25% started
- 50% green = 50% started
- 75% green = 75% started

Then it could be easy to have a quick idea of the project progression following the icons states visible in front of each page name (on the view : all pages).

This could be done in a second phase.

Sincerely thanks and take it easy but perfectly (;-) )

Have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-)
If all you require is an extra field to type notes into for the admin(s), you can use the I18N Custom Fields plugin to achieve this. Simply install that plugin and create a new custom field called "admin-notes".

You could even add this custom field to your template so the admin(s) can see the page notes in the front-end too:

<?php if (cookie_check()=='1') {
    echo '<div id="admin-notes">'.return_custom_field('admin-notes').'</div>';
} ?>

(I think that code is correct, you might want to wait for someone to confirm). Add a little extra CSS and you're sorted:

#admin-notes { top:0; left:0; color:#fff; width:0; height:0; padding:0; overflow:hidden; position:absolute; background:#333; background:rgba(0,0,0,.8); border:5px solid #393; -webkit-transition:.5s .5s; transition:.5s .5s; }
#admin-notes:hover { width:18em; height:20em; padding:1em; overflow:auto; }
I like this idea especially for project development and publicly showing issues, and milestone, or todos, with progress meters etc.

Has anyone done anything like this yet?

Ive looked at some free php task manager, most use sql, so they would have to be modified.

I might just make one using DMmatrix plugin.
shawn_a Wrote:I like this idea especially for project development and publicly showing issues, and milestone, or todos, with progress meters etc.

I am also interested in this. Might be handy with multi user support.

Maybe visualize with Google Chart?
shawn_a Wrote:I might just make one using DMmatrix plugin.

Can you give me the location of that plugin? Becouse I can't find it.
DM_Matrix is one of my unreleased plugins. Workload at the moment is preventing finishing it off, although its 99% done, I just need to document it properly...

If you want to try ir out you can download it from github.

It's basically a XML data-store, allows you to setup tables, and return table data to your theme or run SQL queries on the data and return.

I'll try and get it back on track and released very soon...
And you can do the Google Chart stuff already with my other plugin GS_Shortcodes... 8)