I18N Custom Fields

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Category: Plugin
Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 - 3.3

Last Updated: February 1, 2023
Tags: i18n fields
Author: mvlcek
Author Website: http://mvlcek.bplaced.net
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Plugin Description:

This plugin offers a GUI to add custom fields: text fields, dropdown boxes, check boxes and WYSIWYG textareas (based on n00dles101's CustomFields plugin).

It is supported by the I18N plugin.

Version 1.3: fixed entry of quotes and special characters; internationalized

Version 1.4: Fields are displayed nicely in GetSimple 3.0, creation date automatically saved and available via

  get_page_creation_date($i = "l, F jS, Y - g:i A", $echo=true)

Version 1.5: User is automatically saved, browsing in WYSIWYG editor enabled, new field types "image" and "link" with local browsing added (browsing features only in GetSimple 3).

Version 1.7: optimization when used with I18N, filter WYSIWYG fields

Version 1.8: indexing and searching custom fields with I18N Search

Version 1.8.5: removed i18ncommon directory: update i18n to 3.2.1 and i18nsearch to 2.9.2 and delete plugins/i18n_common

Version 1.9: new field type "file", WYSIWYG editor page browser works better with I18N plugin

Version 1.9.2: make checkbox fields searchable

Version 1.9.4: php8 compatibility

Install Instructions:

Unzip the plugin to your plugins directory and go to Plugins/Configure Custom Fields to define your fields. They will then show up, whenever you edit a page.

Switch on sitewide cookies in your gsconfig.php to browse pages and images for link and image fields.

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