1. Target Market - The market I intend to cater to is the small 1 to 15 page brochure site for the average small business owner. This person needs a simple web presence -- that's it. I believe there is very few CMSs out there that do this small group of website owners justice. Our targeted small business owner doesn't need e-commerce, a blog or a comment system. This business owners only requirement is to have a dead-simple way to manage his/her website's content.

  2. Skillset Needed - This website owner should not need to know HTML, and the UI should be as straightforward (even if that means losing some sexiness) as humanly possible. He or she should not have to think twice about how to go in and update their 'Contact Us' page with a new phone number.

  3. Aesthetics - I want our admin panel & UI to be better designed than any other comparable CMS out there. This may be more selfish than anything, but what designer wants his/her client to log into the admin panel and see a cluttered mess of cheap, non-intuitive icons that give no value to what that client needs to do? From studying my competing 20 CMSs over the last couple months - this should not be hard.

  4. Designer's POV - I created GetSimple because I would sometimes dread taking on small business clients. I did this for the sheer fact that it would take me forever to 1) install Wordpress if they wanted to be able to edit or 2) create 10+ flat HTML files. Now all I need to do is create one HTML template file and copy it along with the GetSimple installation up to a host. I can have that site done in a day - AND - give the client a kick-ass way to update their phone number. I need this little application to have the power to handle what I need to do as a designer, all without sacrificing the other bullet points above.

If GetSimple starts adding features just to add them - then we will get lost in the crowd. We don't (yet!) have the size of community that the others have, but with a dedicated group of developers and a keen eye - we can create a project that will give any other self-hosted lite CMS a very, very good run for their money.