GetSimple 3.3.2 Beta Released

Published: April 8, 2014 by Version 3.3.2 beta 2 (2014-4-08) FIX #797 numerous settings fields allow persistent xss FIX #793 GSUSECUSTOMSALT is now used always not just on install FIX #784 pagecache contains url in duplicate FIX #776 json toolbar not working FIX #775 custom toolbar not working -Markus00000 FIX #774 uploadify does not error out FIX #773 add exist […]

GetSimple 3.3.1 Released

Published: March 4, 2014 by

GetSimple version 3.3.1 is available. Major Stability and Bug fixes. Some new essential filters for plugins, and speed and memory optimizations.  

GetSimple 3.2.3 Released

Published: September 9, 2013 by

This a small bugfix release FIX: $EDOPTIONS gets a , prefixed to it breaking plugins cke

GetSimple 3.2.2 Released

Published: July 16, 2013 by

  NEW: refactor plugins checking, plugins are only scanned on plugins page now NEW: Persistent plugin api calls on backend, now confined to plugins page only NEW: Replaced memory_limit -1 with 100M in thumb.php NEW: javascript injection filtering on pages display NEW: enabled auto saving to live pages for general testing NEW: File upload whitelists […]

GetSimple 3.2.1 Released!

Published: April 26, 2013 by

Download: This release fixes these things: restored missing version in admin footer health check plugins.xml chmod check 644 writable Some javascript i18n translations missing removed extra install.php from core fixed missing undo link for page deletions Default index.xml date was sep 2009, is now install date upon install slug creation problems on servers with no mb extension page options […]

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