The GetSimple core team is made up of a few people that are dedicated to the product and basically work for nothing. If it wasn't for this team, GetSimple wouldn't be the quality open-source project it is today.

Chris Cagle

Founder & Original Developer. Chris is 35 year old true-and-blue Pittsburgher (USA) and a father of three that has been on the web since the creation of Geocities. If he's not spending time with his family, he's online, much to the chagrin of his wife. He created the original GetSimple out of his need for a CMS as powerful as WordPress, yet not nearly as cumbersome to use. He also loves Pittsburgh sports more than anyone really should.

Shawn Alverson

Lead Developer. Shawn, aka shawn_a is a 30 something who lives in the USA. He is a full time IT manager at a higher-ed institution and mainly works with electronic access, security, payment systems and oracle DB administration. His hobbies include small electronics, programming, gardening, cat collecting, and listening to experimental music.

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Mike Swan

Developer. Mike, aka n00dles101, is a 41 year old who lives in Dublin, Ireland with his beautiful wife Joan and 2 children Zach and Jacob. He works full time in IS/IT and when not working he can usually be found behind his laptop programming and designing websites. He's been interested in computers since he got a Sinclair ZX81 for Christmas when he was 13. He also enjoys reading, photography and listening to music especially 80s electronic...
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Matthew Phillips

Marketing & Media. Matt, aka JWH_Matthew, is a 18 year old American guy living in the United States. When he's not in school or working he enjoys building, fixing, and programming computers. He's been working with computers and programming miscellaneous web applications since he was 13 years old. He enjoys reading books, researching new computer technology, and spending time with his friends and family.
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Connie Müller-Gödecke

Supporter, translator, spam assassin working in IT for nearly 25 years, online since 18 years. She likes to travel (Europe, Middle East, North Africa and the region of the former Soviet Union), she learned 12 and speaks 5 languages, she kind of collects websites and is preparing mentally for the upcoming retirement, which will give her more time for her favorite pursuits: exploring open source software, content manangement systems, photography and gardening. She is just settling down in an old house in eastern pommerania where she will enjoy life with her husband, a sophisticated trombonist and composer.

She ran into GetSimple in spring 2011, and together with Thorsten (polyfragmented) she initiated the german GetSimple-Website as well as the german sub-forum in the support-forum.

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Mike Henken

Developer. Mike, aka mikeh is a 21 year old web developer living in sunny SW Florida. His love for technology has initiated the development of many practical web applications and websites. When he isn't busy programming on his W7 tablet, you can find him relaxing with his wife and 2 year old son or playing halo/battletfield. He has been interested in computers since his first atari and Windows 3.1 when he was 5. At 10 he started building his own custom computer for gaming purpose or just for fun. Eventually his interest in harware led to the curiousity of the software, and that is how he became a programmer.


Tim Whittingham

Contributer,Supporter. Tim, aka Timbow is a freelance web designer from Somerset, UK. He says that using GetSimple means that every client gets a better site than they ever thought was possible. He can often be found on the forum helping people to get started with GetSimple, but not when the rugby is on.

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Past Contributors

Thorsten Panknin, Moderator. Thorsten, aka polyfragmented, is a 37 year old German from Northern Germany. He found out about GetSimple in March 2011 and has since become a fan of the CMS. He works with elderly people and is looking into going freelance in webdesign. Thorsten likes to read and watch science fiction, goes on geocaching hunts occasionally and fancies bookcrossing as well.


Martijn van der Ven, Developer. Martijn, aka Zegnåt, is a 19 year old Dutch guy residing in Sweden. When he’s not working for school he likes to spend his time online and mess around with web development. Keeping his mind full of unnecessary facts he likes reading articles on politics, math, physics, economics, law, psychology, sexuality and of course the web. He also has an addiction for tea.