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Full Version: page title for seo purposes
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I hear page titles are very important for page rankings, and GS is not giving me the page titles I need. AFAICT I either have a single title in the <head> section of template.php - which gives me the same title for every page OR I use the heading of the page with something like the Cardinal theme's <title><?php get_page_clean_title(); ?> &lt; <?php get_site_name(); ?></title> which isn't really ideal either.

So how do I get custom, individual, editable, different titles for each page of a site?

if there isn't a better way can sombody who knows a bit of php tell me how I can enter the contents of 'Tags & Keywords' from PAGE OPTIONS into the <title> tags of my template.php because that would be an improvement on what I am doing now.
Try using Custom Fields to create a custom title field (e.g. one called custom_page_title) and hence use the following:

<title><?php get_custom_field('custom_page_title') ?></title>
Carlos Wrote:@Timbow

Custom title plugin:

Hey! Just the job!

How did I miss that?