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Full Version: Version check for 3.3.8 down?
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Hi there,

There may be an small issue on version check for 3.3.8:
[Image: LksUH0w.jpg]
(Clean new install)

Or maybe it's already the 3.3.9 version which is comming?  Idea
Installed 3.3.8 a while back and everything is fine on my end...

Flush cache in settings , instill have no idea what cases this.
Didn't do anything, but now it's all good... Maybe a cache problem, yes.
I am also experiencing it. No big deal, not self-mending, just annoying. Started on 3.3.8, after I have moved folders with data created on 2.03. Disappeared after correcting page settings:
-mainpage URL corrected
-flush all caches executed
So may be one of the above causes incorrect communication with GS server.
Did you flush cache in settings? The cache time for this is like 14 hours
Well I have to say, this issue is not so solved... I randomly see this message, but can't really tell when I see it as I'm tring lots of plugins and experiments these days. For the moment, I don't have this error, but I have it this morning... Well, I flushed cache, and now I'll see. No big issue anyway.
It very well could be down or having issues, if it doesnt work immediatly after flush cache then probably so.
I do not really have the tools or resources to look into this or debug it. There is a thread in here about how to do so if anyone were so inclined, but if this host is blocking your host randomly i would never even know.
(2016-02-26, 23:21:11)shawn_a Wrote: [ -> ]Did you flush cache in settings? The cache time for this is like 14 hours
Yes I pressed settings.php?flushcache button. I hope it fixes when you change host. Or maybe according to the GS spirit, you change all these lines in the beginning of settings.php from the current way they check api or whatever to plain .xml file check.
Now can't see this yellow exclamation mark icon, but I will solve it by adding display:none to its css file as soon as I find its location.
you just turn off vercheck in gsconfig...
(2016-02-28, 07:11:14)shawn_a Wrote: [ -> ]you just turn off vercheck in gsconfig...

Thanks, this will be much simpler. gsconfig.php has much evolved since 3.1
I had the same problem on every GS update or new install, but after flushing cache it´s disappeared after ~ 15 minutes.
Yeah thats the bug it always fails after update