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Advanced Configuration: gsconfig.php

The file gsconfig.php is located in the root of your GetSimple installation. You can further configure your site by enabling/changing some of these constants.

GSLOGINSALT allows you to further secure your login password with a unique phrase to add as a salt.

# Extra salt to secure your password with. Default is empty for backwards compatibility.
#define('GSLOGINSALT', 'your_unique_phrase');

GSNOCSRF (3.1+) allows you to turn off the CSRF protection system

# Turn off CSRF protection. Not recommended
#define('GSNOCSRF', TRUE);

GSEXTAPI (3.1+) adds a new option to the settings page: activate the API for plugins that use this new function

# Enable the External API to be shown on settings page 
#define('GSEXTAPI', 1);

GSNOCDN (3.1+), when set to TRUE, defines to load Jquery-Scripts from your server and not from CDN (Content Distributed Network)

# Disable loading of external CDN versions of scripts (jQuery/jQueryUI)

GSIMAGEWIDTH allows you to change the default width of the generated thumbnail that is created when you upload an image file

# Default thumbnail width of uploaded image
define('GSIMAGEWIDTH', '200');

GSADMIN allows you to change the /admin/ folder to a different name. We have taken every measure to ensure this works flawlessly, but change this at your own risk

# Change the administrative panel folder name
#define('GSADMIN', 'admin');

GSDEBUG This allows you to turn on Debug mode. More information

# Turn on debug mode
#define('GSDEBUG', TRUE);

GSDONOTPING enabling this disables the auto-ping of search engines when generating a sitemap

# Ping search engines upon sitemap generation?
#define('GSDONOTPING', 1);

Affected search engines are,, and

GSCHMOD is the CHMOD mode to set all your files and folders at.

# Set override CHMOD mode
#define('GSCHMOD', 0755);

GSCANONICAL forces canonical redirects. Use with caution - not compatible with some plugins

# Enable Canonical Redirects?
#define('GSCANONICAL', 1);

GSNOUPLOADIFY turns off Uploadify in the backend. You are left with a plain HTML form to upload files instead.

# Use Uploadify to upload files?
#define('GSNOUPLOADIFY', 1);

GSEDITORHEIGHT sets the WYSIWYG content editor height

# WYSIWYG editor height (default 500)
#define('GSEDITORHEIGHT', '400');

GSEDITORTOOL turns on the “Advanced” WYSIWYG toolbar, which gives you headings and styles

# WYSIWYG toolbars (advanced, basic or [custom config]) 
#define('GSEDITORTOOL', 'advanced');

GSEDITORLANG sets the WYSIWYG editor language (default en)

# WYSIWYG editor language (default en)
#define('GSEDITORLANG', 'en');

GSEDITOROPTIONS allows you to set additional WYSIWYG Editor Options

# WYSIWYG Editor Options
#define('GSEDITOROPTIONS', '');

GSUSECUSTOMSALT turns off auto-generation of SALT and use a custom value. Used for cookies & upload security.

# Turn off auto-generation of SALT and use a custom value. Used for cookies & upload security.
#define('GSUSECUSTOMSALT', 'your_new_salt_value_here');

GSFROMEMAIL allows you to specify the from email address on any outgoing emails that get generated by your GS install

# Set email from address
#define('GSFROMEMAIL', '');

setlocale is a PHP function that you can specify here. This should allow you to set your server's locale

# Set PHP locale
#setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_US');

Since 3.2:

GSNOVERCHECK - Disable persistant header version checking

GSTIMEZONE - Timezone string for server default timezone

GSNOSITEMAP - Disable sitemap generation

GSSTYLE - Set an alternative style, eg. GSSTYLEWIDE

GSDEBUGINSTALL - Debugging, Prevent removal of install files for debugging installs

GSSUPPRESSERRORS - reproduce previous GS behavior ragarding php error supression

GSAUTOMETAD - (since 3.2.2) Enable automatically generated excerpt for meta description (if empty)

Since 3.3:

GSFORMATXML - (since 3.3.7) If true, indent and format xml files on save to make them human-readable

GSNOPLUGINCHECK - (since 3.3.7) Disable plugin API checks if you have issues (e.g. sites with a lot of plugins)

GSCKETSTAMP - (since 3.3.10) define CKEditor timestamp query string cache control: true (default) uses GS version, false none, or custom string

GSUPLOADSLC - (since 3.3.10) if set to false, names of uploaded files will not be converted to lowercase

Obsolete Settings:

GSPAGER - turns on paging on certain pages such as “All Pages”

GSSTORAGE - was never used, there are no other storage structures

GSCOOKIEISSITEWIDE - if set to TRUE, it allows the frontend of your site to know if you are logged in or not. [deprecated as of 3.1]

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