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Full Version: bug after installtion
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Dear All,

i make a new installation of GS 3.3.13 and after installation i like to change the password
but if i click on:

Don't forget to change your password from that random generated one you have now...

with original EN language file it works. If i use "german" language file i get the following error:"settings.php#profile"

so the setup does not redirect to the correct path like

i think something changed in the lang file....can you have a look on this ?

Thanks (in 3.3.11 etc.) it works without this failure.

best regards,
You could contact the person who made the Germain translation. These are not part of core.
yeah languages should not have links this will have to be fixed but the problem is probably in the language file
Ill take a look though
If you're using this language: (by aileesh)
try editing de_DE.php and removing the backslashes in the ER_PWD_CHANGE line. That is, change it to:
, 'ER_PWD_CHANGE' => 'Vergessen Sie nicht, das automatisch erzeugte Passwort durch ein eigenes Passwort <a href="settings.php#profile">zu ersetzen</a>'
It should contain %s for href not static paths either.
(2016-10-12, 23:00:27)shawn_a Wrote: [ -> ]It should contain %s for href not static paths either.

That will be with GS 3.4, I think...
oh oops, i was looking at wrong repo
I updated to 3.1.13 and my language settings are lost. Now in english

Friends what are you doing?????

This is not the sense of an update... ;=(
(2016-10-17, 21:26:11)Connie Wrote: [ -> ]I updated to 3.1.13 and my language settings are lost. Now in english

I forgot that the language files are not included in /admin....

But my problem is that after the update the editor is not working anymore... so much problems because of a small update...
ckeditor had to be upgraded it no longer worked with any modern browsers.

see 3.3.9 notes
One of your config options might be incompatible, post your options and I can can probably see which one.

What language are you having a problem with , so i can try to reproduce. There has not been any language problems that I know of.