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Upgrading to the Latest Version of GetSimple

Note: In all versions, you can usually retain your old copies of the files gsconfig.php and .htaccess (especially for minor upgrades, meaning a version number change of less than 1). That's handy if those files contain your custom configs.

For major upgrades, their structure or content may be changed in the new version of GS, in which case you can't simply retain the old copies of gsconfig.php and .htaccess.

Check the release notes for the new version– it should indicate whether you need to replace those files with the new ones. If so, compare your old copies with the new ones. Compare paths, salts, rewrite base etc. Apply your custom configs the new files if necessary.

Upgrade 3.x to 3.x.x

Backup your Site First!

This is the normal upgrade procedure. Nothing needs to be uninstalled. Download the new version then extract and ftp the new folders and files to your web server, overwriting the old ones. The simplest procedure is just to upload everything in the zip file to your site root, so that all the old files are overwritten.

If you don't want to overwrite everything because for instance you have customised or edited your old files or themes then the minimum you need to upload is the folder /admin/ and the file index.php .

After uploading open to complete the upgrade.


New with 3.3.0 - You must visit to complete the upgrade. Your front end will be temporarily closed and the site inaccessible until the upgrade is completed.

New with 3.3.9 - The htmleditor included with GS, CKEDITOR has been bumped from 3.x to 4.5.7, this is a major upgrade for ckeditor and any custom configurations settings, themes, and plugins you are using may not be compatible. it is recommended you remove them then slowly add them back, or check ckeditors web site for updated versions of plugins and themes that are compatible with 4.x. Check your gsconfig.php for any GSEDITOROPTIONS definitions and adjust as necessary. If you are using a custom_config js script, you may also want to check it for plugins and update with the config.js included in the ckeditor. folder.

If you need assistance please see forums. eg.

Upgrade 2.x to 3.x

Instructions for Upgrading from GetSimple V2.x have been moved.


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