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Migrating, Moving and Uploading Complete Sites

Moving Between Web Servers or Uploading from a Local Server

Install GetSimple on your new/public server (don't worry about username, password, and settings – they will be replaced).

Upload from your localhost/old site the following files and folders (with their contents), overwriting existing ones:


(If your site is not in English, also upload your language file(s) to admin/lang folder.) Now log in again, but with the username and password you used for localhost/old site.

Browse to Login Click “Settings” Change “Website URL” to your new site URL. Hint: You can copy it from the “Our suggestion is:…” message that should be displayed below.

Click Save Settings

Note: If you have links or images in your pages with complete URLs you should change them to your new URL or else the new site will possibly have broken links or images that cannot be not displayed. Using relative URLs is always advised. But the HTML-editor stores the URLs as absolute URLs. Please note: links to images etc. are stored in your data with absolute URLs, not relative URLs. So you will run into problems when you just copy your data files to the server.

What you can do:

  • make a backup of the “old” data-folder
  • load all the pages from /data and /data-subdirectories into a good editor, f.e. notepad++ (not Word!)
  • do a global search and replace, update by this the URLs of all objects which refer to http://www.olddomain.tld..
  • after that, upload these updated files to your server

There are several plugins in the GS Extend which will automate the rewriting of urls to match a new domain or location.

How to Move GetSimple from one Folder to Another

If you want to move a GetSimple installation to another folder, there are at least three things you need to be aware of:

  1. Go to the Admin panel and, in settings, change the Website URL, if needed;
  2. If you use Fancy URLs, you may need to manually edit the .htaccess file and correct the RewriteBase rule, otherwise you may get a 503 error when trying to access some pages in your site;
  3. If there are any images, files or links with relative or absolute paths, they might get broken. Please double-check your site to see if there's anything broken.


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