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Plugins Guide

This is a list of a small selection of plugins submitted by users as particularly useful for specific purposes. For full details of these and other GS Plugins please see the full Extend listings for:

  • the plugin description,
  • the plugin's support topic and
  • the plugin author's home page


Multi-User: Original version (Extend) / Forked version 1.9.0 (fixes some issues)

  • Allows multiple Admin User Logins
  • Controls access to different parts of the Backend

Custom Title

  • Allows direct input of text between the <title> tags in the html <head> section.
  • Essential for SEO

Page edit options

  • Adds the following icon options to the “Pages Overview” page:
    1. Ordered List Item
    2. Edit Page
    3. Create Child page
    4. Clone Page
    5. Menu Toggle
    6. Private Toggle
    7. View Page
    8. Delete Page


  • Update GetSimple installation and plugins

GS Plugin Installer

  • Easily install GetSimple plugins right from the admin area

SA GS Admin Toolbar

  • Adds a Front-End (+ back-end) Administrative menu-toolbar

GS Custom Settings

  • Lets webmasters/ site managers, theme and plugin developers implement and use their own custom settings for output, configuration, and cross-plugin/-theme communication.

PubDate Fix

  • Makes GetSimple pages' pubDate field fixed and editable. Date/time-picker (optional)

Markdown Editor

  • Allows you to create and edit pages using the Markdown syntax. Existing pages created with the normal HTML editor will still use the default editor (CKeditor, raw HTML or whatever)

Blog, News

News Manager (updated version)

  • news/posts are stored separately from pages
  • archiving (monthly/yearly)
  • tags
  • undo functionality
  • featured images/post thumbnails
  • post authors (optional)
  • basic + custom settings (layout, page navigation…)
  • sitemap integration
  • template tags
  • many languages included

I18N Special Pages + I18N Search

  • News/blog entries are just special pages with custom fields and thus automatically indexed by I18N Search
  • To avoid cluttering your admin pages view with news/blog entries, put all news/blog entries under common parents, install I18N and hide these parents' children.
  • RSS feeds

Pages & Comments

  • posts are normal pages
  • comments system

GS Blog

  • posts are stored separately from pages
  • archiving
  • categories
  • post thumbnails
  • custom fields
  • external comments (disqus)

Matrix Blog

  • requires The Matrix, I18N, I18N Search and Pagify plugins
  • template editing
  • categories
  • custom fields
  • I18N integration, I18N searchable
  • built-in comments system
  • gravatar support


  • allows you to create multiple galleries of images with titles

I18N Gallery

  • multiple gallery types (e.g. slide show, pop up) with titles, tags and texts
  • multi-language aware (I18N)
  • indexed by I18N Search

The Photo Gallery

  • the easiest way to present one folder of images, where the folder name is the gallery title and the file name is the image title


  • for displaying images pulled from Flickr and Picasa/Google+ photo albums. Mobile-friendly and responsive.

Item List, Product List, etc.

I18N Special Pages + I18N Search

  • All items are stored as pages with additional input fields
  • pages are automatically indexed for I18N Search
  • custom display of these special pages



  • Search and replace anything in the sites xml files


  • Same as Ts-fastreplacer, but on the fly, doesn't change the xml files


  • Converts urls on the fly, doesn't change the xml files


  • Automates URLs modifying in cases when site changes the domain address

There are also plugins which change absolute urls to relative:


  • Changes ckeditors local links from absolute host, to relative root urls


  • Replaces all occurencies of current site path string to specified string, while saving pages

Multi-language Sites


  • multiple languages with custom admin pages view
  • language aware multi-level navigation
  • automatic thumb and image sizing

Multi-level Navigation

Child Menu

  • second level menu for your site


  • multi-language aware multi-level navigation
  • breadcrumbs

Nested Menus

  • navigation with two levels

Multiple Content Areas

I18N Custom Fields

  • GUI to add custom fields: text fields, dropdown boxes, check boxes and WYSIWYG textareas.

Simple input Tabs

  • Populating different number of content sections for different pages.

I18N Special pages

  • Define types of pages with custom fields, customized behaviour and customized display.

I18N Search

  • multi-language aware search
  • tag cloud, optional live search
  • extensible to index other plugins' content


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