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Last Updated: March 2, 2015
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Plugin Description:

Simple Input Tabs 2

Content management with twice the simplicity.

Simple Input Tabs takes some of its functionality from Small Plugin Toolkit, therefore it is essential that you have both.

Changes 2.6: Changing in tandem with Small Plugin Toolkit patch. Make sure to update both. You'll need version 1.5 (or later) of SPT to run. Simplified the method of, and improved the ability to find tabs in templates.

Also hosted at Github.

Have you been itching to put content in different areas of your HTML web page, and struggle with components? Perhaps you want to simplify a template you already have, or perhaps you're just starting out?

Starting here is the right choice!

Running this plugin is easy. After installation (instructions below), open your template file in a text editor of your choosing and locate where you wish your content to appear. Change the code:

<?php get_page_content(); ?>

To this:

<?php insert_page_content(); ?>

In any other locations you would also like your users, or yourself to place content paste the same code with a Tab name in the brackets (in quotes). For example, if we were creating a sidebar:

<?php insert_page_content("sidebar"); ?>

Not too difficult.

Using the plugin.

To use it, navigate to your page edit screen and click the corresponding Tab. ... What? Did you expect another step?

Well ok, there are some other things you can do with this plugin. Visit the website here to learn more.

Install Instructions:

Installing this plugin is really quite simple.

  • Double Click "simple input tabs . zip".

  • Download and double click "small plugin".

  • Locate your "Plugins" directory, within the folder you saved your GetSimple CMS to.

  • Place the unzipped files inside the folder.

Thats it! You're done! You didn't even have time to get a coffee!

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