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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 - 3.3

Last Updated: February 19, 2023
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Author: mvlcek
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Plugin Description:

The I18N Special Pages plugin allows you to define types of pages with custom fields, customized behaviour and customized display.

Together with the I18N Search plugin you can easily create (fully searchable)

  • News
  • Blogs
  • Product lists
  • etc.


  • define custom fields (including default values) per page type
  • define default values for slug, parent, etc.
  • define a default content, e.g. to provide a standard layout of a product description
  • define directly, how the page should be displayed, instead of using a template
  • customize, how the page shall be displayed as search result
  • sample page type templates included - page type definitions can be easily shared
  • stores creation date (field 'creDate') and user (field 'user') in pages


Go to the Plugins/Configure I18N Special Pages of your GetSimple administration and configure your special pages. You can start by using one of the supplied templates.

  • you can set some default values for new pages,
  • you can add custom fields and set default values for them and the content of the page. You can define which fields are indexed by I18N Search (if installed),
  • you can define how to display the page together with its custom fields,
  • you can define how to display the page as part of a search result (if you have I18N Search installed).

Once you have finished defining a special page type, you can create a page of this type by going to Pages/Create new Special Page.

You can list special pages either with all other pages in Pages/View all Pages or in Pages/View all Special Pages.

With I18N Search installed:

All content and all custom fields that are enabled for indexing, will be searched with a normal search.

To search for special pages, e.g. products, create a page with:

 (% searchform addtags=_special_product %)
 (% searchresults addtags=_special_product %)

History: * ... * 1.4.3: php8 compatibility

Install Instructions:

Download the plugin and unzip it to the plugins directory of your GetSimple installation. (Make sure to unzip/copy all files including the .htaccess files, which might be hidden on your computer)

For an optimum experience you should also install

  • I18N
  • I18N Search
  • Theme Highlighter

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