The Photo Gallery

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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 -

Last Updated: May 5, 2011
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Author: ccagle8
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Plugin Description:

This is a gallery plugin that utilizes the folders within the "Files Management" tab.


  1. You upload files via the built in uploader
  2. i18n compatible (except album titles)
  3. Show unlimited depth of nested albums/galleries
  4. Configuration option to set thumbnail size and to either show or hide empty albums
  5. Uses FancyBox to display image with previous/next
  6. Auto thumbnail generation

Install Instructions:

Setup Plugin

  1. Upload all the files within the downloaded zip file to your /plugins/ folder.
  2. Log in and navigate to Settings -> The Photo Gallery
  3. Specify a Photo Gallery folder within this plugin's control panel. Be sure that it matches a real folder that is within your /data/uploads/ folder. These folders can be created within the Files Management screen.
  4. Create new folders within that root folder. These will be your albums. (see Folder Naming Tips below)
  5. Upload photos to these new albums. The script will read all jpg, jpeg, gif and png formats.
  6. Make sure you've placed the short-code (see Install Code below) inside a page.
  7. Go to that page to view your new photo gallery.

Install Code

You can either use a shortcode OR the template tag to display your photo gallery. You do not have to use both.

[SHORTCODE] Add this to the body of the page you want to show the photo gallery on:

(% the_photo_gallery %)

[TEMPLATE TAG] Add this to the theme template file you want to show the photo gallery on:

<?php the_photo_gallery(); ?>

Folder Naming Tips

This plugin reformats the folder name to be the "album" title. '-' are converted to spaces, and '_' are converted to single quotes. For example:

  1. A folder with the name (slug) of wedding-engagement-photos will become Wedding Engagement Photos when displayed within the gallery to the user.
  2. A folder with the name (slug) of mike_s-photos will become Mike's Photos when displayed within the gallery to the user

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