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Admin Header Footer 1.0    (Plugin)

This plugin allows you to add any code to the and footer sections of your GetSimple...
TAGS: header footer additional admin

Author vCard 1.1    (Plugin)

This plugin allows you to add your contact information into a screen that then feeds...
TAGS: vcard hcard contact contact form

Branded Login 1.1    (Plugin)

With this plugin you can re-brand the login page to your GetSimple control panel...
TAGS: brand branding customize logo

Plugin Insight 1.1    (Plugin)

This plugin will mostly be used by developers. It shows all plugin...
TAGS: plugins information debug hooks

Custom Admin CSS 1.1    (Plugin)

Want your GetSimple control panel to have a different style? This plugin is for you.
TAGS: custom customize style css

GS-Socialize 1.1    (Plugin)

This plugin adds some of the more popular social media links to the bottom of all...
TAGS: facebook twitter post social media pages

Exec-PHP 1.1    (Plugin)

This plugin allows you to execute PHP code within your posts & pages.
TAGS: php exec execute code posts

Emporium 2.0    (Theme)

Emporium theme by Free CSS Templates and Cagintranet
TAGS: two column blue gray black white

WatchThis 2.0    (Theme)

WatchThis theme by Free CSS Templates and Cagintranet
TAGS: red gray black two column

Cardinal 1.0    (Theme)

Comes with the default install of GetSimple
TAGS: cardinal red two column

Old Default GetSimple Theme 2.0    (Theme)

With the impending 3.0 update to GetSimple, this default theme is being retired. A...
TAGS: default theme simple

Default Admin Theme 1.1    (Admin Theme)

This is the default theme for the GetSimple admin. The new admin theme does not...
TAGS: admin theme css

Innovation Theme 1.1    (Theme)

This is the new default theme for GetSimple powered websites as of the 3.0 release....
TAGS: default theme html5 plugin-enabled

Simple Black 1.0    (Admin Theme)

A simple black and white (and orange) theme for the GetSimple backend Please...
TAGS: admin theme black simple

Innovation Theme Plugin 1.1    (Plugin)

This is the plugin that gives added flexibility to the default theme for GetSimple...
TAGS: innovation theme plugin

The Photo Gallery 1.5    (Plugin)

This is a gallery plugin that utilizes the folders within the "Files...
TAGS: photo gallery photo gallery lightbox thumbnails plugin

Simple vCard 1.0    (Theme)

This is a custom built 1-page vCard theme for GetSimple. It is built with responsive...
TAGS: html5 responsive css3 vcard simple