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Multi-User Capabilities

You can create different user accounts to sign into the backend. Hooks are in place for plugins to develop user management. Different users can be granted different access and editing rights.

If you want to create & use multiple users, you can do so manually or with a plugin.

Adding A User Manually

If you want to add a user manually, follow these steps:

  1. Change the name of the file to a unique username and with the XML extension: newuser.xml
  2. Change the <USR> element within that new XML file to have the same unique username created in step #2
  3. Copy this new file up to your server into the folder /data/users
  4. The new user can now login using:
    • Username: newuser (same as name created in step #2)
    • Password: password (this is the default password that the example XML file has)
  5. The new user should then change their default password to something only they know.

Multiuser Plugin

There is a multiuser plugin: Forked version 1.9.0

The original multi-user plugin is in the Extend repository, but is unsupported and no longer compatible. This revised version of the plugin was last updated in 2015. When you have installed the plugin, you will find the user-management-tab in the right sidebar of the settings-page, “User Management”.


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