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RE: 3.4.0 wish list - revotron - 2015-07-18

Just some thoughts that came to my mind working with getsimple CMS:

- easy useable repeatable content fields (native CMS function, no plugin)
- simple contact form / or contact form generator
- better handling for providing downloads

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - xxdex - 2015-09-14

pagination in page's list... like 20 per page or custom,
i was found a free uploader for images.. it can be acces protected by session or cookies.:
change default admin theme to something like modern admin theme (responsive)

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - wupwop - 2015-10-12

is there any approximately date/range for the release of this great updates?
i know this is not made within one week but just asking Smile

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - shawn_a - 2015-10-13

not yet but getting close to alpha

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - zekoolweb - 2016-03-31

Hello Shawn, hope this is not already asked :

Do you think GS will have native SRCSET ?

(i mean the client wouldn't be charge for this each time (s)he add new photo) 

This is an HTML5 feature which is actually the best way to deal with rwd img. you know that for sure.

Plus, i'd say it's painfull for me to do that by hand, even for myself, so... this would be so nice!

Thank you for answering

Best Regards,


RE: 3.4.0 wish list - morvy - 2016-03-31

This can be achieved by plugin, I was thinking about creating one, but don't have time (and enough skill/knowledge of GS functions)

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - Charpy1 - 2016-04-04

A suggestion for the login page : I think it could be nice if we had a "Show password" button : the password is obfuscated by ***** by defaut, of course, but when clicking on the "Show" button, the pass appear in clear text.

A good source code for this can be found here :

And also some css animation for form field :

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - Misty - 2016-04-12

First of all, thanks for making this cms which I totally love due to its lightweight and no need for sql Wink
And secondly, sorry if its already men tioned or if I have missed something but what I would request is the ability to upload images while editing a new/existing page.

Right now you need to go to the files tab and upload pictures before you start your new page (or edit existing page)

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - S60Team - 2016-05-11

I miss some things from wordpress (i mean already included with GS) - blog, i18n, ability to customize admin panel...
I know, you can achieve this with i18n plugins, but...

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - Bigin - 2016-05-12

All of this things either already integrated into the core or could easily be extended by plugins.

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - S60Team - 2016-05-15

Please, read my message above. I mean't, that it would be awesome to do it Without plugins (if those functions included).
PS: If you can customize admin template files via plugin, please, tell me Smile

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - Bigin - 2016-05-15

And you please read my message below lol, I've told you that many these functions are already integrated into the core. You can customize admin template by filters, hooks and custom CSS see wiki Anything else?

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - shawn_a - 2016-05-15

What kind of admin template changes donyou mean backend customization?

The backend is not so easily customized alot is hardcoded templates or no templates at all.

But if you have something in mind let us know.

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - Carlos - 2016-05-15

It would be great if you could create backend themes more or less like for the frontend: html/php template file where you insert function calls (for welcome/close top links, main menu tabs, sidebar menu, main content, footer links...)

(I intended to suggest this some day after thinking about possible issues, limitations, etc, but...)

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - shawn_a - 2016-05-15

This will be doable in gs 3.6 probably.
As everything in the backend has to be refactored 3.4 will help but not enough

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - Bigin - 2016-05-15

I think, the backend templating is the least of the worries. From my point of view, what GetSimple really needs is a modern, reasonable data management for the content handling and other stuff, in order to handle as many data as you like, without have to worry about any memory usage and limitation. 

Would be great if you steer a middle course between flat file and relational database, I am thinking, for instance something like SQLite. SQLite tables are very simple in usage and can be installed from the script, without the user noticing. It's not without reason that SQLite today is part of the standard PHP library

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - shawn_a - 2016-05-16

I don't really agree, what do you gain from using a database? Nobody using GS needs support for a million rows of data, or even 20,000. GS doesn't use file storage because its not modern. It is because no-one wants to deal with databases to spin up a tiny website and was designed that way. Either way all io will also be refactored to make use of storage abstraction easier, but I am not sure this will even be a goal.

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - Bigin - 2016-05-16

There are many pros and contras to each technology and it’s highly depending on what are you gonna do with XML / SQlite.
It is not absolutely necessary to handle million rows of data to run into XML difficulties, when the data becomes 20M > size, you will start having real problems. At some point it becomes inefficient and leads to a waste of resources. I hope that you know, that the size of the data on the filesystem is a factor of 2 smaller than the in memory DOM?

(2016-05-16, 00:13:03)shawn_a Wrote: It is because no-one wants to deal with databases to spin up a tiny website and was designed that way

Who is „no-one“? developer or the end user?
As I have already said, the end-user himself does not notice anything of this process, because the entire administration and installation runs from the script.
SQlite is probably easier to work with than XPath for most developers and I don't really think that sqlite will need more development time overhead.

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - mganko - 2016-05-18

shawn_a, are you only one developer that develops 3.4 version ?

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - shawn_a - 2016-05-18

Yes, For the most part, noodles and carlos contributes some and provided a ton of help testing and providing input

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - shawn_a - 2016-05-18

3.4 is going on like year 2 of development, but there has been a ton of 3.3.x releases that have taken up most of the time security releaaes etc.

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - shawn_a - 2016-05-18

Here are some stats for 3.4

Any issue with needs feedback label and milestone 3.4 needs user input, so opinions are needed for some default options etc.
Also see the REQUIRED Finalizing tweaks and configurations section of issue #467

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - zekoolweb - 2016-05-31

(2016-05-18, 22:10:53)shawn_a Wrote: Yes, For the most part, noodles and carlos contributes some and provided a ton of help testing and providing input

Hi, this is a lot to handle for one person.

And this might be a problem if you quit one day....

Does GS make some communication to gather more developpers to the core ?

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - Indigo - 2016-08-11

Change the installation process: if there is no configuration file - start installation (admin/install.php) - like in Wordpress at CMS first run. It also be cool if list of avaible languages (translations) will be update automatically and user can choose wich language to install.

RE: 3.4.0 wish list - shawn_a - 2016-08-11

Not exactly sure i understand.

There is an installation process already..

We cannot re-start installation after install, because we remove install files for security, most apps do this.
There is no reinstallation process, so this seems pointless.

What do you mean if there is no configuration file? Installation only occurs if there is no website.xml found, you can skip install if you want to.

Also we do not "install" languages, languages are just files you stick in the lang folder, if they are present at install they are available in the installed dropdown. We just do not provide languages by default, you have to build your own install if you want more, languages are created by the community, and there has not been enough contributed to our github repo to include them in the install, and its not our position to steal them from users and stick them in the product.

Not sure what exactly you are wanting, that is not already there.