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Markdown editor
Would you guys be interested in a live preview markdown editor plugin or core feature ?

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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Would it work like this or like this? (Or a different way?)

(I mean, woud content field store raw markdown, or converted html)
Is there a benefit for being in core? I think all editors (appart from basic text editor) should be plugins, but maybe some added by default.
Yes this would be a good feature to have as standard core.

I find CKeditor / TinMCe etc annoying as they manipulate the DOM so when you come to edit pages again its not what you original put it. Markdown doesn't have this problem as its just a text editor.
While I'd largely prefer a Markdown editor as a developer, the only tools the bulk of site managers have used are Office apps like Word or Excel, which are all WYSIWYG's. They already don't know how to properly insert a table there, let alone learn a 'pseudo'- format for managing their website. And they couldn't care less about editors "manipulating the DOM", they don't know what the DOM is anyway.

So I'll second datiswous. Or perhaps something in between, like in gsconfig, have a define('GSEDITORCHOICE', 'markdown')
They dont need to learn a new pseudo format, they have the icons you can click on the toolbar which creates the markup code for them, see shawn_a 's screenshot.

BTW: They will care when re-editing lots of pages and having to refix paragraphs and line breaks over and over again.
CKeditor is good for creating the initial page but not editing the content again. They are very browser dependant.
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(2015-05-17, 01:59:39)shawn_a Wrote: Would you guys be interested in a live preview markdown editor plugin or core feature ?

I vote for core feature!

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