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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.2 - 3.3

Last Updated: February 21, 2017
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Author: Tyblitz
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Plugin Description:

Extended functionality for GS Components: better UI with sort & search, CodeMirror support, doubleclick code snippet copy, individual component save without page reload. Components Extended saves your components as <slug>.xml files in data/components with AJAX, one component at a time. It replaces the components tab with a custom tab, and will automatically import existing components from components.xml on activation. Available in EN, FR, NL.


  • Keeps track of the created date, modified date, and last editor.
  • Edit & rename component slugs and titles independently.
  • Sort & search components
  • CodeMirror support by default (unless GSNOHIGHLIGHT is explicitly set to TRUE).
  • Bonus: Doubleclick a code snippet for instant copy-to-clipboard.


Components Extended adds one PHP function for components, get_ext_component($slug, $params = array()); where $params is an array of named keys. Eg if you had the following:

<?php get_ext_component($slug, array(
    'greet' => 'Hello',
    'name'  => 'world'

In your extended component you could do:

<?php echo $params->greet . ' ' . $params->name . '!'; ?>

And it would output: Hello world!.

# Be sure to set the GSTIMEZONE constant to your timezone if you wish to have meaningful timestamps for created & modified dates.
# to other plugin developers: the standard GS hooks component-save and component-extras also work with this plugin.


Components Extended UI


2017-02-21 - v0.9
- Fix escape characters '\' from duplicating
- Minor NL translation fix
- Extended components are now mapped back to components.xml on plugin deactivation.
- When an extended component is now deleted, and a component with the same slug 
   exists in components.xml, this one will be deleted too.
2016-09-24 - v0.8
- Added 2 sort options (by modified & created date)
- Made .htaccess compatible with Apache 2.4 modauthzcore
- CodeMirror is now enabled by default
- Fix AJAX issues
- Fix minor JS issues (dynamic update UI, notification error, console log).
- Fix NL translation
2016-06-18 - v0.7.1
- Bugfix
2016-06-18 - v0.7
- CSRF (cookie, header & nonce check) vulnerability patch
- Allow changing the directory where components are saved
- Make component title available in component as $params->title
- Bugfix slug<->title when creating new component, labels
- Added languages FR/NL
- CodeMirror support2016-06-14 - v0.1
- Initial release

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Upload to server & unzip to the plugins directory.

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