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Catalan translation of GetSimple 2.01
I have made a catalan translation of GetSimple 2.01 for a site i'm developing. Attached is a zip with an ANSI and UTF8 versions of the tranlation. Both works perfectly in my server (Debian Lenny + IspCP-Omega).
I wish to be useful to anyone else who need it.
Thanks and congratulations for your exceptional cms.
Thanks for taking your time to translate GetSimple!
“Don’t forget the important ˚ (not °) on the a,” says the Unicode lover.
Help us test a key change for the core! ¶ Problems with GetSimple? Be sure to enable debug mode!
I have translated the language file for the dev-r146 version found. Doing that, i realised that some entries could be enhanced and i updated the language files sent few days ago. So the files (in arxive) must replace the ones from The has the new entries for the version.
Going on with GetSimple!
And the file missing!!!
Moltes gràcies... er... Thanks a lot! ;-)

PS What I don't understand is why you translate "plugin" to "extension", but not "permalink" to "dels enllaços"...
I suggest this catalan (Spain's second most popular language) translation be included in GS language pack.
@laketanix, some fixes suggested:

- change · to · (several lines)
- change non-ASCII characters ó, é, í (at "WELCOME_P") to their html equivalent (ó etc)
Sure thing... I will add it once your suggestions are corrected. Thanks for doing this laketanix!
- Chris
Thanks for using GetSimple! - Download

Please do not email me directly for help regarding GetSimple. Please post all your questions/problems in the forum!
Tanks for your work. It's a good translation. I'll use it.

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