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Page Caching/Indexing


As of version 3.1 Getsimple includes simple Caching/Indexing functions to help speed up page rendering.

The indexing file contains all information from each of your pages in one file (/data/other/pages.xml) which is made available to you in the Global $pagesArray Array.

Each time you edit or update a page the indexing file (/data/other/pages.xml) is updated.


The following functions are available


Echos the content of the supplied $page to the screen.


Echos the supplied $field from the given $page to the screen. If the $field supplied is 'content' getPageContent is called.


Alias of getPageField


Returns the content of the supplied page.


Returns the supplied $field from the given $page. If the $field supplied is 'content' returnPageContent is called.


Returns an array of child slugs of the given $page


Returns an array of child pages with any additional options you want returned.



Allows plugins writers to add extra fields to the indexing file.

Available Fields

The following fields are available as default:

  • url : url of the page
  • pubDate : published date of the page
  • title : title of the page
  • meta : meta data
  • metad : meta description
  • menu : Menu text
  • menuOrder : Menu Order
  • menuStatus : If page is displayed in the menu or not
  • template : template file used by this page.
  • parent : parent of this page if any
  • private : whether page is private or not
  • slug : same as url
  • filename : this page's filename

Any extra fields saved by plugins (e.g customFields & il8n_CustomFields ) will also be available.

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