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This is the main page for installation problems arising with German web hoster ALL-INKL.COM

Permissions problems after uploading files


This German hoster doesn't run uploaded files as wwwrun or wwwdata, but as the main FTP user set up for the account. This creates permissions problems when editing stuff from inside the backend or writing config files.

The hoster provides web-based tools to set the owner of files and folders, but one would have to reset the owner again and again after uploading stuff.


The solution is to switch to PHP's CGI version in .htaccess

AddHandler php[version]-cgi .php

which runs files as the main FTP user in the webspace account. So, remote editing and uploading files doesn't interfere with script permissions as before. Replace [version] with your available CGI version, say php5 for PHP5 or php53 for PHP 5.3. You can find the info in the admin backend (called “KAS”).


All contributors have to use the same FTP user, namely the main user. Accessing the installation with another FTP user brings us back to square one, because the owner is being changed again then.

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