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GetSimple supports different languages for the admin panel. Download the latest language files for GetSimple from Extend.

Once you've downloaded the language file of your choosing, save it to the /admin/lang/ folder of your new installation of GetSimple. If you've already gone through the setup of GetSimple, you can change your language preference within your Settings tab.

Hint: As AccessKeys differ in different languages, you can define the AccessKeys which fit best for your language in the language-file. Search for the section For: include-nav.php in the language-file and wrap a single letter in <em></em> code there to define that letter als AccessKey for that function. Example: <em>S</em> defines s as AccessKey for the Page-Menu in the german version.

Creating a New Language File

  1. Change the header information and filename to match the language you are translating
  2. Translate the text
  3. Save the new file UTF8 Without BOM.
    • If you get an error saying “Headers already sent”, it is probably because you did not save the file in this format.

For plugins conforming to the guidelines and GetSimple itself: you may use the Translate plugin - more information see Translation Tools.

Slug Transliteration

GetSimple also provides a way to convert international characters in the page's 'slug' attribute. By default, we strip out all non-English characters to create the page's 'slug'. You can create your own transliteration array named 'TRANSLITERATION' within the specific language file.

Plugin Language Files

There are functions and standards to internationalize (i18n) plugins. Check them out here.

CKEditor Language Files

CKEditor also supports languages.

Language File Problems

If you see certain language strings that look like {LOREM_IPSUM}, then these are untranslated strings within your current language file. Either compare your file with the latest GetSimple /admin/lang/en_US.php file or add the string to your current translation.

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