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Built in Language Internationalization Hashes (I18N)

Following is a sorted list of the hashes included in GetSimple that can be used in your own plugins following the i18n guidelines.

    [ACTIVATE_THEME] => Activate Theme 
    [ADD_COMPONENT] => Add Component 
    [ADD_TO_MENU] => Add to Menu? 
    [ALL_PAGES] => All Pages 
    [ARCHIVE_DATE] => Archive Date 
    [ARCHIVE_DELETED] => Archive deleted successfully 
    [ASK_CANCEL] => Cancel 
    [ASK_CREATE_ARC] => Create New Archive Now 
    [ASK_DELETE] => Delete 
    [ASK_DELETE_ALL] => Delete All 
    [ASK_RESTORE] => Restore 
    [ATTEMPT] => Attempt 
    [AUTHOR] => Author 
    [BACKUP_AVAILABLE] => Backup Available 
    [BACKUP_OF] => Backup of 
    [BACK_TO_WEBSITE] => Back to Website 
    [BAD_FILE] => Bad file 
    [BAK_MANAGEMENT] => Backup Management 
    [BETA] => Beta / Bleeding Edge 
    [BROWSE_COMPUTER] => Browse Your Computer 
    [BTN_SAVECHANGES] => Save Changes 
    [BTN_SAVEPAGE] => Save Page 
    [BTN_SAVESETTINGS] => Save Settings 
    [BTN_SAVEUPDATES] => Save Updates 
    [CANCEL] => Cancel 
    [CANNOT_CHECK] => Unable to check. Your version is 
    [CANNOT_DEL_FILE] => Cannot Delete File 
    [CANNOT_SAVE_EMPTY] => You cannot save an empty page 
    [CHMOD_ERROR] => Unable to continue: Unable to write config file. CHMOD 777 the folders /data, /backups and their sub-folders and retry 
    [CHOOSE_THEME] => Choose Your Theme 
    [CKEDITOR_LANG] => en 
    [CLEAR_ALL_DATA] => Clear all data from 
    [CLEAR_THIS_LOG] => Clear This Log 
    [CLIPBOARD_INSTR] => Select All 
    [COMPONENTS] => Components 
    [CONFIRM_PASSWORD] => Confirm Password 
    [CONTINUE_SETUP] => Continue with Setup 
    [CONTROL_PANEL] => Control Panel Login 
    [CREATE_ARC_WAIT] => Please Wait: Creating website archive... 
    [CREATE_FOLDER] => Create Folder 
    [CREATE_NEW_ARC] => Create a New Archive 
    [CREATE_NEW_PAGE] => Create New Page 
    [CREATE_ONE] => create one 
    [CREATE_THUMBNAIL] => Create Thumbnail 
    [CROP_INSTR_NEW] => ctrl-B or command-B for square 
    [CURL_WARNING] => Warning: cURL Not Installed 
    [CURRENT_MENU] => Current Menu 
    [CURRENT_THUMBNAIL] => Current Thumbnail 
    [DATA_FILE_CHECK] => Data File Integrity Check 
    [DATE] => Date 
    [DATE_AND_TIME_FORMAT] => F jS, Y - g:i A 
    [DATE_FORMAT] => M j, Y 
    [DEFAULT_TEMPLATE] => Default Template 
    [DELETEPAGE_TITLE] => Delete Page 
    [DELETE_ALL_BAK] => Delete all backups? 
    [DELETE_ARCHIVE] => Delete Archive 
    [DELETE_COMPONENT] => Delete Component 
    [DELETE_FILE] => Delete File 
    [DELETE_FOLDER] => Delete Folder 
    [DENIED] => Denied 
    [DIR_PERMISSIONS] => Directory Permissions 
    [DISABLE] => Disable 
    [DOUBLE_CLICK_EDIT] => Double Click to Edit 
    [DOWNLOAD] => Download 
    [DOWNLOAD_ARCHIVES] => Download Archive 
    [DOWNLOAD_LANG] => Download Languages 
    [EDITING_FILE] => Editing File 
    [EDITPAGE_TITLE] => Edit Page 
    [EDIT] => Edit 
    [EDIT_COMPONENTS] => Edit Components 
    [EDIT_THEME] => Theme Editor 
    [EMAIL_COMPLETE] => Setup Complete 
    [EMAIL_ERROR] => Error: There was a problem with your email address 
    [EMAIL_LOGIN] => Login here 
    [EMAIL_PASSWORD] => Your new password is 
    [EMAIL_THANKYOU] => Thank you for using 
    [EMAIL_USERNAME] => Your username is 
    [ENABLE] => Enable 
    [ENABLE_HTML_ED] => Enable the HTML editor 
    [ERROR] => Error 
    [ERROR_CREATING_FOLDER] => There was an error creating the new folder 
    [ERROR_FOLDER_EXISTS] => The folder you are trying to create already exists 
    [ERROR_UPLOAD] => There was a problem with the file upload 
    [ER_BAKUP_DELETED] => The backup has been deleted for %s 
    [ER_CANCELLED_FAIL] => Cancelled: This update has been cancelled 
    [ER_CANNOT_INDEX] => You cannot change the URL of the index page 
    [ER_COMPONENT_REST] => Your components have been restored 
    [ER_COMPONENT_SAVE] => Your components have been saved 
    [ER_FILE_DEL_SUC] => File deleted successfully 
    [ER_HASBEEN_DEL] => %s has been deleted 
    [ER_HASBEEN_REST] => %s has been restored 
    [ER_NEW_PWD_SENT] => A new password has been sent to the email address provided 
    [ER_OLD_RESTORED] => Your old settings have been restored 
    [ER_PROBLEM_DEL] => There was a problem deleting the file 
    [ER_PWD_CHANGE] => Don't forget to change your password from that random generated one you have now... 
    [ER_REQ_PROC_FAIL] => The requested process failed 
    [ER_SENDMAIL_ERR] => There was a problem sending the email. Please try again 
    [ER_SETTINGS_UPD] => Your settings have been updated 
    [ER_YOUR_CHANGES] => Your changes to %s have been saved 
    [EXISTANCE] => %s Existance 
    [FILE_BROWSER] => File Browser 
    [FILE_MANAGEMENT] => File Management 
    [FILE_NAME] => File Name 
    [FILE_SIZE] => Size 
    [FILE_SUCCESS_MSG] => Success! File location 
    [FILE_UPLOAD] => File Upload 
    [FILL_IN_REQ_FIELD] => Please fill in all the required fields 
    [FILTER] => Filter 
    [FOLDER_CREATED] => The new folder was successfully created: %s 
    [FORGOT_PWD] => Forgot your password? 
    [FTYPE_AUDIO] => Audio 
    [FTYPE_COMPRESSED] => Compressed 
    [FTYPE_DOCUMENTS] => Documents 
    [FTYPE_FLASH] => Flash 
    [FTYPE_MISC] => Misc 
    [FTYPE_SYSTEM] => System 
    [FTYPE_VECTOR] => Vector 
    [FTYPE_VIDEO] => Video 
    [FTYPE_WEB] => Web 
    [GENERAL_SETTINGS] => General Settings 
    [GETTING_STARTED] => Getting Started 
    [GOOD_A_FILE] => Good 'Allow' file 
    [GOOD_D_FILE] => Good 'Deny' file 
    [HELP] => help 
    [HOMEPAGE_DELETE_ERROR] => You cannot delete your homepage 
    [HOMEPAGE_SUBTITLE] => homepage 
    [HTML_ORIG_IMG] => Original Image HTML 
    [HTML_THUMBNAIL] => Thumbnail HTML 
    [HTML_THUMB_ORIG] => Thumbnail-to-Image HTML 
    [IMAGES] => Images 
    [IMG_CONTROl_PANEL] => Image Control Panel 
    [INSTALLATION] => Installation 
    [INSTALLED] => Installed 
    [KEEP_PRIVATE] => Keep Page Private? 
    [KILL_CANT_CONTINUE] => Cannot continue. Please fix errors and try again. 
    [LABEL_BASEURL] => Website Base URL 
    [LABEL_EMAIL] => Email Address 
    [LABEL_INSTALL] => Install Now! 
    [LABEL_PAGEBODY] => Page Body 
    [LABEL_SUGGESTION] => Our suggestion is 
    [LABEL_USERNAME] => Username 
    [LABEL_WEBSITE] => Website Name 
    [LANGUAGE] => Language 
    [LAST_SAVED] => Last Saved 
    [LATEST_VERSION] => Latest version installed 
    [LINK_ORIG_IMG] => Original Image Link 
    [LINK_THUMBNAIL] => Thumbnail Link 
    [LOCAL_TIMEZONE] => Local Timezone 
    [LOGIN] => Login 
    [LOGIN_FAILED] => Login failed. Please double check your Username and Password 
    [LOGS] => Logs 
    [LOG_FILE] => Log File 
    [MAX_FILE_SIZE] => Max file size 
    [MENUITEM_SUBTITLE] => menu item 
    [MENU_TEXT] => Menu Text 
    [META_DESC] => Meta Description 
    [MISSING_FILE] => Missing file 
    [MORE] => Learn More... 
    [MOVE_TEMPCONFIG_ERROR] => Failed to rename %s to %s! Please do it manually. 
    [MSG_HAS_BEEN_CLR] => has been cleared 
    [MSG_LOGGEDOUT] => You are now logged out. 
    [MSG_PLEASE_EMAIL] => Please enter the username registered on this system, and a new password will be sent to it's email address. 
    [NEW_PAGE] => New Page 
    [NEW_PASSWORD] => New Password 
    [NONE] => None 
    [NOTE_PASSWORD] => and your password is 
    [NOTE_REGERROR] => Error: There was a problem sending out the registration information via email. Please make note of the password below 
    [NOTE_REGISTRATION] => Your registration information has been sent to 
    [NOTE_USERNAME] => Your username is 
    [NOT_INSTALLED] => Not Installed 
    [NOT_WRITABLE] => Not Writable 
    [NO] => No 
    [NO_FILE] => No file 
    [NO_MENU_PAGES] => There are no pages that are set to appear within the main menu 
    [NO_THEME_SCREENSHOT] => No theme screenshot available 
    [NO_ZIPARCHIVE] => ZipArchive extension is not installed. Unable to continue 
    [OK] => OK 
    [ONLY_NEW_PASSWORD] => Only provide a password below if you want to change your current one 
    [ORIGINAL_IMG] => Original Image 
    [OR] => or 
    [OR_GREATER_REQ] => or greater is required 
    [PAGE] => Page 
    [PAGE_BACKUPS] => Page Backups 
    [PAGE_EDIT_MODE] => Edit Page 
    [PAGE_MANAGEMENT] => Page Management 
    [PAGE_NOTEXIST] => The requested page does not exist 
    [PAGE_OPTIONS] => Page Options 
    [PAGE_TITLE] => Page Title 
    [PARENT_PAGE] => Parent Page 
    [PASSWORD] => Password 
    [PASSWORD_IS] => password is 
    [PASSWORD_NO_MATCH] => Passwords do not match 
    [PERMALINK] => Custom Permalink Structure 
    [PERMS] => Perms 
    [PHPVER_ERROR] => Unable to continue: PHP 5.1.3 or greater is required, you have 
    [PLUGINS_INSTALLED] => plugins installed 
    [PLUGINS_MANAGEMENT] => Plugin Management 
    [PLUGINS_NAV] => Plugins 
    [PLUGIN_DESC] => Description 
    [PLUGIN_NAME] => Name 
    [PLUGIN_VER] => Version 
    [POWERED_BY] => Powered by 
    [PRIORITY] => Priority 
    [PRIVATE_SUBTITLE] => private 
    [RECREATE] => recreate 
    [REDIRECT] => Redirect 
    [REDIRECT_MSG] => If your browser does not redirect you, click here 
    [REFRESH] => Refresh 
    [REMOVE_TEMPCONFIG_ERROR] => Failed to remove %s! Please do it manually. 
    [REQS_MORE_INFO] => For more information on the required modules, visit the requirements page. 
    [RESET_PASSWORD] => Reset Password 
    [ROOT_HTACCESS_ERROR] => Failed to create .htaccess in root! Please copy %s to .htaccess and change %s to %s 
    [SAVE_COMPONENTS] => Save Components 
    [SELECT_DIMENTIONS] => Selection Dimentions 
    [SELECT_FILE] => Select file 
    [SELECT_LANGUAGE] => Select your language 
    [SEND_NEW_PWD] => Send New Password 
    [SERVER_SETUP] => Server Setup 
    [SETTINGS] => Settings 
    [SETTINGS_UPDATED] => Your settings have been updated 
    [SHOW_ALL] => Show All 
    [SHOW_PLUGINS] => Installed Plugins 
    [SIDE_CHOOSE_THEME] => Choose Theme 
    [SIDE_COMPONENTS] => Edit Components 
    [SIDE_CREATE_NEW] => Create New Page 
    [SIDE_DOCUMENTATION] => Documentation 
    [SIDE_EDIT_THEME] => Edit Theme 
    [SIDE_GEN_SETTINGS] => General Settings 
    [SIDE_GEN_SITEMAP] => Generate Sitemap 
    [SIDE_HEALTH_CHK] => Website Health Check 
    [SIDE_PAGE_BAK] => Page Backups 
    [SIDE_SUPPORT_LOG] => Support 
    [SIDE_USER_PROFILE] => User Profile 
    [SIDE_VIEW_BAK] => View Page Backup 
    [SIDE_VIEW_LOG] => View Log 
    [SIDE_VIEW_PAGES] => View All Pages 
    [SIDE_VIEW_SITEMAP] => View Sitemap 
    [SIDE_WEB_ARCHIVES] => Website Archives 
    [SIMPLEXML_ERROR] => Unable to continue: SimpleXML is not installed 
    [SITEMAP_CREATED] => Sitemap Created! We also successfully pinged 4 search engines of the update 
    [SITEMAP_ERRORPING] => Sitemap Created, however there was an error pinging one or more of the search engines 
    [SITEMAP_ERROR] => Your sitemap could not be generated 
    [SITEMAP_WAIT] => Please Wait: Creating website sitemap 
    [SLUG_URL] => Slug/URL 
    [SUCC_WEB_ARCHIVE] => Successful website archive! 
    [SUCC_WEB_ARC_DEL] => Website archive successfully deleted 
    [SUPPORT] => Support 
    [SUPPORT_FORUM] => Support Forum 
    [SYSTEM_UPDATE] => System Update 
    [TAB_BACKUPS] => Backups 
    [TAB_FILES] => Files 
    [TAB_LOGOUT] => Logout 
    [TAB_PAGES] => Pages 
    [TAB_SETTINGS] => Settings 
    [TAB_SUPPORT] => Support 
    [TAB_THEME] => Theme 
    [TAG_KEYWORDS] => Tags & Keywords 
    [TEMPLATE] => Template 
    [TEMPLATE_FILE] => Template file %s has successfully been updated! 
    [THEME_CHANGED] => Your theme has been changed successfully 
    [THEME_MANAGEMENT] => Theme Management 
    [THEME_PATH] => Current theme path 
    [THEME_SCREENSHOT] => Theme Screenshot 
    [THIS_COMPUTER] => This Computer 
    [THUMBNAIL] => Thumbnail 
    [THUMB_SAVED] => Thumbnail Saved 
    [TOGGLE_STATUS] => Toggle Status 
    [TOTAL_ARCHIVES] => total archives 
    [TOTAL_BACKUPS] => total backups 
    [TOTAL_FILES] => total files 
    [TOTAL_PAGES] => total pages 
    [TZ_WARNING] => Warning: date_default_timezone_set is missing 
    [UNDO] => Undo 
    [UNSAVED_INFORMATION] => You are about to leave this page and will lose any unsaved information. 
    [UPG_NEEDED] => Upgrade needed to 
    [UPLOADED_FILES] => Uploaded Files 
    [UPLOADIFY_BUTTON] => Upload files and/or images... 
    [UPLOAD] => Upload 
    [USERNAME] => Username 
    [USERNAME_ERROR] => Error: Username was not set 
    [USE_FANCY_URLS] => Use Fancy URLs - Requires that your host has mod_rewrite enabled 
    [VERSION] => Version 
    [VIEWING] => Viewing 
    [VIEWPAGE_TITLE] => View Page 
    [VIEW] => View 
    [VIEW_FAILED_LOGIN] => View Failed Login Attempts 
    [VIEW_FILE] => View File 
    [WARNING] => Warning 
    [WARN_EMAILINVALID] => WARNING: This email address does not look valid! 
    [WEBSITENAME_ERROR] => Error: There was a problem with your website title 
    [WEBSITEURL_ERROR] => Error: There was a problem with your website URL 
    [WEBSITE_ARCHIVES] => Website Archives 
    [WEBSITE_SETTINGS] => Website Settings 
    [WEB_HEALTH_CHECK] => Website Health Check 
    [WELCOME] => Welcome 
    [WELCOME_MSG] => Thank you for choosing GetSimple as your CMS! 
    [WELCOME_P] => GetSimple makes managing your website as simple as possible with its top-of-the-class user interface and the easiest templating system around. 
    [WRITABLE] => Writable 
    [X] => not translated 
    [YES] => Yes 
    [YOUR_NEW] => Your new 
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