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How Plugins Interact with Extend

With GetSimple 3.1, plugins will check “home” periodically to see if there is an update available within the Extend repository. The steps needed to ensure your plugin is compatible are minimal:

The zip file you upload into Extend should be in this structure:
  /yourplugin.php [this should be a unique across all plugins]
  /yourplugin/ [any folder(s) that your plugin may utilize]

The most important part of that file structure is the /yourplugin.php file. This name should be unique across all plugins within Extend. We will not enforce this, but if you create a plugin with a generic and/or common name and a second developer does the same thing - your plugin will potentially not be compatible with this new update system.

HINT: In order to see if your plugin is in the correct format, test it here.

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