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GetSimple CMS Press Release

What is GetSimple?

GetSimple is an XML based lite content management system that allows a person with little to no HTML knowledge to maintain their simple website. To go along with the standard page and file managers, GetSimple also includes a powerful plugin system that is being wildly developed. Also features such as an “undo” protection for most user actions, a page and website backup system, and support for search engine optimization.

With over 110,000 (and growing) downloads since first being released to the public in August 2009, GetSimple has positioned itself as the de facto product in the lite CMS market.

GetSimple Origin

GetSimple was created by Chris Cagle (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) and was born out of his need for a powerful yet simple CMS solution for his clients back in 2008. He started out working with WordPress exclusively, but most of his clients were small businesses that didn't use 90% of the feature set that came with it. After developing GetSimple to fill this powerful-yet-simple void in the CMS market, it has grown into the most respected and easy-to-use open source lite-CMS available.

Target Market

The target market GetSimple caters to is the small business owner that is in need of a brochure site with around 20 pages. This person or small company only needs a simple web presence - and that's it. There are very few content management systems out there that do this small group of website owners justice. Our targeted small business doesn't need e-commerce, a blog or a comment system. This business's only real requirement is to have a dead-simple way to manage his or her website content.

The Difference

There are two main differences between GetSimple and its competitors:

First and foremost, we are not in the business of trying to add every little feature that has been requested. We only focus on the top 80 percent of actions that are needed by a small business website - then work to improve them to be best-in-class. We are not looking to build GetSimple into a large CMS that tries to compete with WordPress or Joomla. GetSimple has found its niche in the small business sector, and we fully intend to stay focused on this group.

Second, GetSimple has a vastly superior User Interface (UI) than almost any other content management system available. We pride ourselves on being able to have an extremely powerful interface that is also beautiful and uncomplicated.

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