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Quick Install

To get you started quickly we have made a simple step-by step guide to Building a website with GetSimple. If you need further help there are full directions for installation and Setup. If you are installing GetSimple locally the procedure is the same, but you will just be copying files instead of using ftp.

Until you perform the install, any visitors to the site will get a Maintenance Message.

  1. Download the latest version of GetSimple or Unnoficial version GetSimple support php 8.x and extract the contents of the Zip File.
  2. Upload by ftp the contents of the zip (not the containing folder if there is one) to your server, to the root directory, a subdirectory or subdomain, wherever you want the root of your new site to be.
  3. Download, extract and upload any language file if you want a non-English installation. The decompressed language file should be put in the /admin/lang folder of the installation.
  4. From a web browser, navigate to the folder where you just uploaded GetSimple to. You will need to navigate to the admin subdirectory /admin. This will redirect you to an install screen. (e.g mydomain.tld/admin or mydomain.tld/path-to-get-simple/admin )
    You should see this screen.
  5. If there are no errors highlighted in red, 'Select your language', click 'Continue with Setup' and follow the instructions on screen. The most common error is with 'Folder Permissions'. Permissions can normally be changed through your ftp program. A yellow Warning message may mean that specific minor features of GetSimple won't work but you can proceed with the install.

Once you have saved your new password GetSimple is installed and ready to use. Click on the text of your Website Name at the top of the Admin screen and your new homepage will be opened in a new browser tab.

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