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SEO for GetSimple Sites

This article is not intended as a complete guide to SEO, only to highlight how certain features of GetSimple can be used for SEO purposes. It refers directly to statements made in Google Webmaster Academy.

Google Says: Create useful page titles

The GetSimple Default themes provide individual pages with html titles in the format Site Name - Page Heading which google says is at least adequate. If you don't want to be tied to that format you can change it by editing the template or install the Custom Title plugin which will allow you to write whatever you wish in the title of each page.

Google Says: Use informative URLs

  • In Settings tick the check box that says Use Fancy URLs.
  • In Page Options use the Custom URL (Slug) field to make the urls end how you want
  • If necessary use the Custom Permalink Structure in Settings

Google Says: Create great alt text

In the CKEditor click on each image and easily check and edit the alt text.

Google Says: Provide relevant page descriptions

Easily done in Page Options

Google Says: Prepare two sitemaps

GetSimple automatically creates an xml sitemap in the right format in the root of your site. You can manually submit the sitemap to google or use robots.txt

An html sitemap can be made by several plugins or in the same way as any page.

Google Says: Have a useful 404 page

A GetSimple 404 page will by default include the site navigation links, but you can customise it further - Custom 404 Page

Google Says: Add the +1 Button

And the other social links as well are added by plugin or manually.

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