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Using Extend

Extend is the GetSimple archive of user contributed Plugins, Language Files and Themes. All files are free to download and to use under an implied GNU GPL License. The GetSimple Extend is open to all contributions. Use of files from Extend is strictly at your own risk. The login for Extend is the same as your Forum username and password.


Files need to be downloaded, extracted and copied to your web server. If you need help most files have a thread on the GetSimple Forum but not all items are continually supported and maintained by their authors. If you like an item and it works well please give it a star rating vote on its Extend page to help other users find the best plugins.


Users are encouraged to create and share themes, language files and plugins. Smaller pieces of code are shared on the forum.

The whole GetSimple project is free software as defined by the GNU GPL License, so even if you don't explicitly state it you give by uploading an implied permission to freely use, share, alter and redistribute your files. Your contribution doesn't need to be all your own work but please make sure that all images and code are free to use. If you aren't comfortable with the concept of free software you can distribute your files elsewhere.

  • Please make sure you are contactable, through the forum or the PM system or by email or through your own site. If there is a problem with your files and you can't be contacted they may be deleted.
  • Please open a support thread in the GetSimple Forum. use it for additional screenshots and instructions.
  • All files must be in .zip format.
  • The screenshot for the themes comes from a file called screenshot.png within your theme's /images/ folder. There is no other way to get a screenshot of your theme attached to your Extend listing. Make sure this file is included in your ZIP file.
  • We have an API so developers can pull data from our database on their plugins, themes or language files.
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