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<body id = "index"> does not change - krzysiuus - 2014-12-05

Gentlemen, I have a problem.

I have the latest version of getsimplecms.
Gs installed a blog.

Now the problem:

Upon entry into the post or category: <body id = "index"> does not change.

What could be the problem?

What I mean is that at the post did not show a div.
However, if the <body id = "index"> does not change I can not apply the rule only to the party post.

RE: <body id = "index"> does not change - datiswous - 2014-12-05

First of all, try to use the new (supported) version of GS Blog:
The one you use is no longer supported for some time and the original creator is also not active anymore in the forums.

RE: <body id = "index"> does not change - datiswous - 2014-12-05

Try posting your problem in the support topic of the plugin:

If not, change the topic name in something better suitable, like: Problem with GS blog ...

I actually don't understand your problem, but maybe someone else does.