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URI Redirect Plus plugin
Support forum for the URI Redirect Plus plugin.

Redirect URIs to internal or external pages (with '301 Moved Permanently' header). Also view the count and date of last redirection for each redirect.

Version 0.2.2 Changes
  • Imports redirect list from predecessor plugin on initial view, if available (see Earlier Versions)
  • Select drop box for internal pages now sorts by parent then page title
  • Added ability to redirect to external pages (i.e., other sites)
  • Removed 'Incoming URI' and 'Redirect Page' terminology in favor of 'From' and 'To'
  • Added redirect count and date of last redirection for each redirect
  • Added multilingual support via the required I18N plugin (currently only English and Danish)
Note: For space reasons, long external destination URLs have their HTTP and WWW removed, as well as having their middle text removed, i.e., You can see the full URL by mousing over the truncated external URLs.

Earlier versions
This plugin is a successor to the no-longer-updated original URI Redirect plugin by Nathan Friemel (NathanF). Version numbering is continuing from where that earlier plugin left off (version 0.2.1).
is it possible to extend the plugin to rewrite standard http:\\doman.tld. to https:\\domain.tld if i have inside my page direct links to images like http:\\domain.tld\image\test.jpg  ?

If i made normal rewrite from base url it does not work to show the images correct

Hope you can help
Hi phpman,

The plugin is really for creating individual, complete URL redirects to go to other pages/websites. So if I understand what you are asking, that's way beyond the scope of this plugin.

I'm also not fully following what situation you are having. Are you saying that you are on a https webpage that displays images, and the src of the image is http:// and thus they are being blocked? I know newer browsers started doing that.

For that reason above, I always use relative URLs for images. Can you do that?
I tried every manner of .htaccess Redirect 301 solutions and nothing works (keep getting the ?id= in the address and a 404 error page displays). I have fancy URLs enabled.

I am now trying plugins for redirects. I tried this one.

I updated my site and some of the URLs have changed slightly. I tried redirecting


with your plugin but when I visit articles/diy-horizontal-warping-mill I get a blank page and it does not redirect.

I also noticed that when I chose the page to redirect to, that the link in the admin panel shows it with the parent slug being left off...that the "articles" is missing. I even tried it by using the new location as an external option, it still did not redirect.

What am I doing wrong?
(2017-03-12, 17:33:44) Wrote: I tried every manner of .htaccess Redirect 301 solutions and nothing works (keep getting the ?id= in the address and a 404 error page displays).   I have fancy URLs enabled.

I'm not sure what is going wrong, but it seems like if things aren't working at the htaccess level, using a plugin is only going to compound your problem. First get htaccess working properly.

If you have Fancy URLs enabled, you should never be getting a ?id= in your URL.

When you go to your settings page ( /admin/settings.php ) , you Fancy URLs is checked, right? On that line of that page, I see that it says "Requires that your host has mod_rewrite enabled." Is that enabled?

Go to the admin's website health check up page here: /admin/health-check.php
Does it say "Apache Mod Rewrite Installed - OK"?
Thanks for replying. I managed to get it figured out here:
Decided to add a few updates.

Version 0.2.3 Changes
  • Fixed an error where redirects to internal pages were created incorrectly if the page title had a colon
  • When redirecting (or listing links to internal pages in the Existing Redirects table), URLs now conforms to the site's custom permalink setting (i.e., parent(s) and trailing slash after slug are included if appropriate)
  • Added a redirect creation date to the XML (though it's not displayed in the Existing Redirects table)

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