URI Redirect

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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 -

Last Updated: May 15, 2011
Tags: uri redirect
Author: NathanF
Author Website: http://theonethree.com
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Plugin Description:

Version 0.2.1 Changes

  • Added a check to make sure curl installed before trying to use it to do version checking
  • I was assuming fancy URLs selected, that has been changed

Version 0.2 Changes

  • The need to set a subfolder has been removed, installing the plugin reduced to just copying the plugin file
  • Use of short tags has been removed
  • In general, now following the GetSimple core coding guidelines
  • Select drop box now sorting by page title
  • When editing redirects the plugin will now check if a new version available

Version 0.1

I wrote this plugin because I am re-doing an old site of mine using Get Simple and still have a few pages that get some heavy referring traffic that I didn't want to loose. This plugin allows you to take the old path to a page slap it in and select a new page to redirect to.

It is version 0.1, so I am interested to get peoples feedback, I have some improvement ideas in mind and if there is some interest in expanding this, then I will do so.

If you are using Get Simple in a sub folder for development, like I am, the plugin has a $subFolder variable you can edit, so that when you move it to the root later you can just change this variable and be done.

Install Instructions:

Copy URIRedirect.php to your plugins folder.

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