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Multi User - French Translation 1    (Plugin Language)

* French translation for Multi User plugin * Traduction française pour le...
TAGS: plugin multi user translation french

Lichen 1    (Admin Theme)

Lichen Admin theme. Based on All The Pretty Girls Leave Town by tjrine in Adobe...
TAGS: admin theme lichen nature lighgreen

French translation for GetSimple Contactable 1.0    (Plugin Language)

- Traduction en francais pour le plugin GetSimple Contactable - French translation...
TAGS: french translation francais traduction contact contactable

French translation for Simple Backups 1.0    (Plugin Language)

- Traduction en francais pour le plugin Simple Backups - French translation for the...
TAGS: translation french traduction français Simple Backups

JavaBlue Admin Theme 1.0    (Admin Theme)

JavaBlue Admin theme. Based on colors of JavaBlue by lizmorgan in Adobe Kuler
TAGS: admin theme lightblue

Theme SimpleNature 0.85    (Theme)

Fixed layout Layout with display: table & display: table-cell Width :...
TAGS: green lightgreen beige nature

Nature 1    (Admin Theme)

Nature Admin theme. Green & brown
TAGS: admin theme nature green brown