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CustomFields 1.3    (Plugin)

Allow you to add Custom Fields to your pages
TAGS: custom fields page admin plugin

debugmode 1.2    (Plugin)

A simple plugin to enable/disable Debug mode in GS without having to change the...
TAGS: debug

Page Edit Options 1.2    (Plugin)

This plugin adds the following icon options to the "Pages Overview"...
TAGS: page options

GetSimple Contactable 1.9    (Plugin)

*** This plugin is for GS 3.1 and above only !!! *** GS Contactable is a...
TAGS: GS3.1 email form contact form

Nibbler Verification Code Insert 1.0    (Plugin)

Easily claim your website from http:// without having...
TAGS: Nibbler verification

GS_Shortcodes 1.1    (Plugin)

GS_Shortcodes is a port of Wordpress Shortcodes for GetSimple. It comes with the...
TAGS: Shortcodes Plugin

KCFinder File Manager 2.2    (Plugin)

This plugin provides a new File manager which allows you o - detach the File...
TAGS: File manager plugin