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Category: Plugin
Compatible with: GetSimple 3.3 - 3.3

Last Updated: May 14, 2023
Tags: GetSimple Frontend Contact Plugin
Author: AHeffekt
Author Website: https://aheffekt.net
Support: Support Forum

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Plugin Description:

Very simple Contact Form. It will be displayed on an manual created, empty Page named "Contact" in Frontend (for german Pages "Kontakt").

At the Backend you can see new Messages at "Contact Form"-Tab and answer, archive and delete them.

  • German Description and Help you can find at my Homepage.
  • Eine deutsche Beschreibung und deutschsprachige Hilfe findest Du auf meiner Homepage.

Install Instructions:


  • CAUTION: it's in your responsibillity to make the Language Files fit to vaild Law
  • download the ZIP-File from https://aheffekt.net
  • unzip ZIP-File
  • upload these Files to your Webspace to the "plugins"-Drectory
  • browse to your Backend of your Website YOURDOMAIN.com/admin)
  • there you will find "ah-contact.php" under the "Plugins"-Tab
  • please click on "activate"
  • now it's activated and you'll find a new Tab called "Contact Form"
  • so that Visitors can see the Form, you have to create an empty Page called "Contact"
  • for german Site this Page should be named "Kontakt"
  • finished


-> All you need, you'll find in your Backend at the "Contact Form"-Tab.

-> In this Tab any new Message will appear. When new Messages are arriving, the count of new Messages will be displayed at the "contact Form"-Tab in yellow marked brackets.

-> If you click on "answer", your preferd Mail App will be opened to answer the Question.

-> When you click on "archive", new Messages will be moved to the archive. You should not delete this Message until the Question is finished.

-> The Archive you can reach when you click on "Archive" on the top right. Here you can find your archived Messages.

-> At the Archive you can "restore" the Messages to "Contact Form" or "delete" them finally.