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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 - 3.0

Last Updated: February 12, 2012
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Author: Alessio_roma
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Plugin Description:

With this plugin you can have a complete guestbook on your getsimple site,it has post management (from admin tab),Personalizable GUI (Colors),Virtual pages for posts (posts will be divided as five per page),personalizable emoticons (smilies),word filter and captcha.It is multi language (now only english and italian) but if you want you can create a new language file,it is easy.

In the zip archive there is a mod version of news manager plugin (roog),with my mod version you can use the guestbook also on articles.

the version of news manger that my plugin includes is: 2.2.4 mod 0.2

You can see the plugin demo here:

Install Instructions:

  • Extract the zip archive
  • Copy the "ARGuestbook_Files" folder to the getsimple root folder (generally root of your site using get-simple)
  • Copy the plugins folder content (1 folder,2 php files) to the Get-Simple plugins folder

if you want the guestbook on news manager:

  • Extract the's included in the ARGuestbook zip file) to get-simple plugins folder
  • From settings page of ARGuestbook (Admin tab) you switch "on" the radiobutton for enable the news manager mod.

To display the guestbook, include the following string in the content of the page/article where you want to activate (usually at the end):


For the "How to" guides you can see the ARGuestbook forum topic:

To show the news manager mod,the instructions are the same of official news manager:

Official news manager forum topic:

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