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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 - 3.2

Last Updated: July 23, 2013
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Author: several27
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Plugin Description:

With this plugin, you can create a simple calendar and add events with descriptions to everyday calendar. You can add a three different appearance of calendar: calendar, calendar mini(for sidebar) and events list. You can simple edit a template, just edit css files.

This calendar uses multiplay language, i18n. Language files included:

  1. default: en_US (American English)

  2. pl_PL (Polish)

  3. fr_FR (French) - thanks jlm

  4. de_DE (German) - thanks Connie

  5. it-IT (Italian) - thanks mc_abt

  6. nl_NL (Dutch) - thanks Rene

  7. es_ES (Spanish) - thanks mapache

  8. ru_RU (Russian) - thanks McNikodim

If you use a calendar plugin, please write to me about this ! ( Private Messages or mail to )

Version 1.1: Events sort, and bugs are repaired.

Version 1.2: Add miniCalendar, and bugs(delated events) are repaired.

Version 1.3: More languages(itIT, nlNL), and bugs(two the same title events) are repaired.

Version 1.4: More language(es_ES), change form id to class ( in calendar.css, calendarMini.css) and repaired some bugs.

Version 1.5: More languages(ru_RU). Add calendarEvents (list of events).

Version 1.6: Repair bugs.

Version 1.7: Add repetition.

Version 1.8: Support for GetSimple 3.2.1 - thanks gregorba

Install Instructions:

Copy the contents of the zip to your plugin directory, and it's done :)

To edit a calendar style edit file: plugins/calendar/css/calendar.css

To add calendar just change Page calendar in admin->pages->calendar(in sidebar)->settings.

To add a mini calendar just write: <?php c_calendarMini(); ?> in your php template file. To edit a mini calendar style edit file: plugins/calendar/css/calendarMini.css

To add a events list/table just write: <?php c_calendarEvents(); ?> in your php template file. If you can show only ( for example ) first 5 events, you just write:


To edit a events list/table style edit file: plugins/calendar/css/calendarEvents.css

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