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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.1 - 3.3

Last Updated: August 13, 2014
Tags: basket magazine catalog commerce cart shop orders
Author: Cupuyc1989
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Plugin Description:

Plugin features: Small Cart, Cart Page for making orders, Orders history (for admin and for user), Discounts (for cart sum, and for cart items), AJAX, Delivery and Payment, Sending E-Mail for administrator when order was maked, Order Printing.

Version history:


start :)


-you can choose currency

-you can change styles for cart messages


-you can add cart item picture

-you can create custom message for user on "make order" page


-some code improvement

-DEMO Special Pages Type reworked


-you can choose placement of your custom message for user

-orders history (for administrator) with all order data


-in history you can change order status ("Accepted","Wait for payment","Completed","Canceled")

-now you can add payment and delivery fields to "make order form" and setup options for them.

-send mail reworked


-MultiLanguage Support


-AJAX support.


-Plugin debug and many code improvement


-Orders history for users

-Administrator can make "order comment" to show it for user


-Discounts support (global for user car sum)

-Also was created second DEMO SPecial Page Type with discounts for cart items support

-If you have item discuont and global discount they will addition


-Order printing support

Supported languages: Russian, English, Deutch(partially). Soon will be avalible: French translation.

Install Instructions:

First - Install my plugin and i18n plugins. Second - Go to Cart Settings and change it for yourself Third - Create DEMO Special Page Types and use i18nSearch to show your catalog.

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