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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 - 3.2

Last Updated: October 2, 2013
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Author: RobA
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Plugin Description:

This plugin is designed to provide private file downloads. I created this to provide files of ongoing work to clients in a somewhat secure fashion.

In the back-end there is a new menu called 'Client Files' in the Files tab that lets you manage the client file areas, creating new ones, changing the password, deleting them, or managing the client area.

Client areas are created under the data/other directory. The password is stored in each client area folder in a dot file.

Managing the client area lets you upload/replace, delete, and view files in the client area.

Files are served by a helper php script included in the zip,

There is a login form. Once logged-in the client is given a list of their files which can be downloaded.

No idea if it will work with non-english character sets.

There is a fairly complete manual here:

Install Instructions:

Unload the zip into your plugin folder. Note there is a .htaccess file that also must go in the clientfiles subfolderto allow serving the files.

The front end is activated by using (% clientfiles %) in a page. This will be expanded to the whole front-end.

As of version 0.6, If there is a (private) page with the slug [clientname] that is a subpage of the one where the plugin was inserted, its contents will be displayed before the client's file list once they are logged in.

The front end table can be styled in your site css. the ID for the table is cf_table. A sample css file is included in the clientfile folder.

As of version 0.8, pagination is supported in the front end display. To set the number of items per page, edit line 470: /* Set this to control the number of items per page to display to the logged in client*/ $perpage = 20;

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