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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 - 3.3

Last Updated: January 22, 2016
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Author: cumbe
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Plugin Description:

Add a contact form to web site.

  • captcha system with reload.
  • works with 'Fancy urls' enabled, too.
  • send email with contact details to one or severals users of admin or emails.
  • The log is save in data/other/logs/cbcontactform.log
  • In admin > pages > View contact form logs button.
    If contacform.log is not, then message: Missing file: ‘contactform.log’.
  • From v5.4.1: is possible remove the logs from admin > plugins > View contact form logs button.
  • From v5.5: is possible send message from class phpmailer. On some servers php's mail function is disabled for security reasons, in these cases is possible send mail using class phpmailer.
  • v5.5.1: fixed a bug in form, with problems in translations.
  • From v5.6: is possible choose if you want captcha.
  • From v5.7: the form is in separated form inside of plugins/cbcontact/form. There are 6 models of forms with its css and a image of each one. The enable form has to be called like cbcontact.php and the css cbcontact.css. Rename the form that more you like it.
  • It is i18n compatible.
  • From v6; there is a setting file: /cbcontact/cbcontact_cfg.php.
  • Notification system in form to whom sends the contact form.

Install Instructions:

  • Unzip the file in folder Plugin.
  • Activate the plugin in admin > plugins.
  • In folder /cbcontact, there is a setting file (cbcontact_cfg.php) with 4 mains variables that uses the Contact form.
    1) $cbfcaptcha, Boolean,
    * true = Use Captcha,
    * false = Don’t use Captcha,
    2) $cbfsendphpmail, Boolean,
    * true = send mail with PHPMailer class,
    * false = with the php fn mail()
    3) $cbfdisplay_jsalert, Boolean; after a send
    * true = display an alert box with a message that will be a success or error message.
    * false = display a message (success or error) before of contact form.
    4) $cbfnotification, Boolean;
    * true = display in contact form a check box if you want to receive a notification email
    * false = Don't display check box in contact form

  • The contact form must be called so:

    • In content of a page with a short code:
      (% cbcontact user or email,false,user or email,user or email %)
    • in template with a php funtion:
      < ?php cbcontact_page('nameofuser or email', true,'user or email', 'user or email'); ?>
      without spaces between < and ?
    • 1r: user of admin, or email to send.
    • 2rd parameter: return a echo of form or return a string of form
      • by default is false. if the form is called from of content of a page it is possible leaves in blank like ''.
      • If the form is called from a template then it is necessary writes a true.
    • 3,4,5... parameters: here are called to users of admin or emails where you want to received email of contact form. You can put as many as you want.

Structure in directory Plugin:

  • contact_form.php
  • folder cbcontact:
    • arial.ttf
    • cbcontact_cfg.php
    • checksubmit.php
    • img_cpt.php
    • .htaccess.
    • folder lang: with 3 languages: fr_FR.php, es_ES.php and en_US.php
    • folder form: with 6 models of form with its images. The enable form has to be called cbcontact.php and the css cbcontact.css. Rename the form that more you like it.
  • folder PHPMailer_v5.1: is important that this folder is in /plugins

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