Extended News Manager

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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 -

Last Updated: May 21, 2011
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Author: bogyvet
Author Website: http://siteinfoservice.org
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Plugin Description:

Extended News Manager is News Manager Plugin version 2.0.


  • FANCY URLS Support
  • External Commenting Plugin integration separate for every page
  • News RSS Feed
  • RSS Feed Menu
  • Paginate for News Page
  • Latest News Menu
  • Language Files Support - ENglish and Serbian Languages included.
  • Aditional CSS Files for core Themes - depending of theme use Extended News Manager will use specific CSS file
  • Aditional rss.php, news.php and template.php files for for core Themes.
  • RSS Feed Menu icon pack - included 10 icon you can choose over Extended News Manager Admin Menu.

You can control almost all aspects from Admin Control Panel.

  • News Page.
  • RSS Feed Data.
  • Latest News Menu..


All problems with versions prior to 2.0.

Install Instructions:

In most cases after first load Extended News Manager will create all directories and files needed. But f you have problem you must folow next instruction.

  • Upload Extended News Manager files located in Download Package plugins folder to plugins folder of your site.
  • Go to Extended News Manager in Admin Menu - NEWS SETTINGS and set parameters that fits your needs Save Settings. In most cases after you Save Settings Extended News Manager will create all directories and files needed.
  • Upload .htaccess located in Directory Structure folder.

    Additional setup support .

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