I18N Special Pages extras

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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.3 - 3.3

Last Updated: February 4, 2019
Tags: field required field validation special pages field info required I18N Special Pages images
Author: mganko
Author Website: http://flexphperia.net
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Plugin Description:

This plugin allows you to control which special page fields are required, validate fields by regex, it allows you to add additional info text next to field label, add special field types and set some page options like: title label, content label, hide keywords and meta descriptions fields etc

It requires I18N Special Pages plugin installed (tested with 1.2.1 version and above).


  • English
  • Polish

Version history:

  • 1.25 - bug fixes (sometimes multi text is not working correct)
  • 1.24 - multiimage field bug fix
  • 1.23 - small bug fixes (multi image field, and new CKE editor in GS)
  • 1.22 - bug fix (label truncated)
  • 1.21 - bug fix (extra settings not loaded when new type of special page just saved)
  • 1.20 - bug fix (some servers could not save settings)
  • 1.19 - new option: now you can define field size in px or %, some bug fixes
  • 1.18 - new option: hide menu field
  • 1.17 - new options: show page type title, auto open page options, hide content field
  • 1.16 - title field regular expression validation
  • 1.15 - new special field type Multi select list
  • 1.14 - new special field type Image with thumb that allows validating selected image by its size , aspect ratio
  • 1.13 - new option to turn on better image browser for image fields, in page configuration. Upgrading to this version delete data/other/SpecialPagesExtras/thumbs_cache folder
  • 1.12 - new validator, REGEX field validation.
  • 1.11 - new custom field type 'multi image'. It allows add multiple images. Field values are separated with "||" string.
  • 1.10 - removed new option from 1.09 and moved this into new plugin I18N extras
  • 1.09 - new option: button that allows you to easy copy all texts from other language version of edited page. To enable go to plugins tab and click: Configure I18N SpecialPagesExtras
  • 1.08 - new Dynamic text field, it allows dynamically adding new rows and sorting it. All rows texts are saved normally as a custom field value separated with "||" string.
  • 1.07 - bug fixes, ui tweaking. If you're used this plugin earlier please delete data/other/SpecialPagesExtras dir if exist
  • 1.06 - another bug
  • 1.05 - fix, fix fix...
  • 1.04 - small fix with site base url recognition
  • 1.03 - thumbnail previews on image type fields
  • 1.02 - small ui fixes and new page settings bug fix
  • 1.01 - small ui fixes
  • 1.00 - initial upload


Additional buttons:


Field settings dialog:


Page settings:


Edit page content view:


Image with thumb field configuration:


New "Dynamic text field":


Dynamic text field:


Multi image field:


Regex field validation:


Better image browser for image fields:


Install Instructions:

  • Unpack zip archive to your plugins folder
  • Enable the plugin in GS Admin