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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.1 - 3.2

Last Updated: June 28, 2013
Tags: twitter tweet plugin socialmedia
Author: twodogwalker
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Plugin Description:

I like it myself to show one or two last tweets in the sidebar on my site. I was a bit surprised this kind of plugin was not there yet, so I started creating it myself. Be aware, my first plugin, so errors are likely to be in it!

  • customizable via its own css in the LastTweet plugin folder
  • i18n aware, but for now just plain US, FI, IT & NL language added
  • still looking into some more features, like fixed language setting, more advanced parsing through the twitter API

Version history:

  • 1.2: using Application based Twitter oAuth.
  • 1.1: included view photo functionality ala twitter itself does
  • 1.0: added both FI and IT languages, thanks a lot Jonne Komulainen & Jacopo Dal Pozzo! And also one bugfix, media was not always linked
  • 0.9: forgot to update the version in V0.8, so now a better V0.9 :-)
  • 0.8: implemented "get long url" to expand shortened url's, rewrote caching for that too
  • 0.7: code rewrite, caching of twitter data, Dutch translation
  • 0.6: slight change in CSS
  • 0.5: initial upload

Install Instructions:

  • there is a short read me in the plugin folder
  • Extract to the GS data and plugins folder, make sure the files in data/other are writable!
  • Configure an account name on the plugin tab on the admin site.
  • Call the function show_tweets() from your theme

  • in case of an upgrade, better make sure to delete the old version first, a lot of things has been moved around...

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