NivoSlider for I18N Gallery

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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.3 - 3.3

Last Updated: November 10, 2014
Tags: slider gallery responsive
Author: vallhund
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Plugin Description:

This "plugin to a plugin" adds another gallery type to the i18n_gallery.

In other words, this is not a standalone plugin, but an extension to an existing one.

i18n_gallery plugin is must-use plugin for GetSimple. It provides very comfortable image management, and can be extended with any external gallery plugin. Just imagine changing your image gallery type from fancybox to nivoSlider (or anything) in one click!

Nivo Slider is a well-known (and widely used) jQuery slider plugin. You can learn more about Nivo Slider from the official website.

Among the cool features of the Nivo Slider are:

  • You can use image thumbnails for pagination
  • Easily customizable display
  • Adapts its size to the parent div
  • 5 cool themes included

The existing Nivo Slider adaptation is nice, but it has no integration with i18n_gallery and does not use all Nivo Slider functions...


  • Simply select nivoSlider gallery type on your Gallery page and use it just like any i18ngallery.
  • Note that unlike other i18ngallery types Nivo Slider doesn't really care about image sizes - it extends to the maximum possible size (parent size).
  • All possible options for Nivo Slider can be changed. (In exception for custom callback functions). Empty field means default value. Complete options reference for options can be found on the official support page
  • Warning: CSS in the i18n_gallery settings must be switched on! Otherwise the plugin won't work correctly. (Will be fixed in future versions)



  • FIX: CSS styles are now used correctly (according to i18n_gallery settings).
  • NEW: Option to select text for captions: from title or description or both. Also the captions can be switched off.
  • NEW: Can write custom callback functions in gallery options.
  • CHANGE: 'Default' slider theme is now default for new galleries.
  • CHANGE: Options page cleaned and styled.

0.9.4 nivoSlider version bug fixed

0.9.3 Fixed a problem with jQuery version (now uses 1.7.1 version from google CDN). Removed empty function definitions from initialization source.

Install Instructions:

Put the file into /plugins/i18n_gallery/ folder and unzip it there.

Needless to say, you need to have the i18ngallery plugin installed.

Note, that in v1.0 /css/nivo-slider.css file has also changed (not only pluginnivoSlider.php).

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