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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 - 3.3

Last Updated: June 11, 2018
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Author: p01
Author Website: http://nliautaud.fr
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Plugin Description:

Create contact forms by writing simple tags.

  • Supports any fields types
  • Powerful textual syntax
  • Generates comprehensive mails
  • UTF-8, localized and multilingual
  • Automatic security measures
  • Integrated settings editor
  • Debug reports and submission logs

Latest releases :


Documentation, installation, issues, etc. :


This plugin is open-source. It means that I invite you, trough Github, to :

  • Report an issue, a bug or discuss about a missing thing
  • Fix something or propose some code edits
  • Add or edit a translation
  • Edit the wiki, with documentation and examples


Install Instructions:

  • Unzip archive in plugins/ directory.
  • Put tags in pages

To create a simple contact form, just use the default tag :

(% contact %)

Or use the syntax to unleash marvelous forms :

(% contact : address@domain.ext, another@domain.ext,
     subject => "About this script",
     textarea "How old is born Napoléon?",
     radio "Do you like this script?" = "Yes" selected | "No", 
     select = "One" selected | "Two" | "Three" | "Four" | "Five" ,
     message! = "Say something",
     password = tomato,  
     askcopy %)

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