Page Lock

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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.2.3 - 3.3

Last Updated: November 19, 2014
Tags: permissions page options lock disable slug disable delete new pages disable creating pages
Author: mganko
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Plugin Description:

With this plugin you can limit changes in page options, deleting, creating selected pages.

Page options that can be locked:

  • visibility
  • template
  • parent page
  • slug

Hiding preview page buttons.

Locking creating new pages:

  • all
  • all, excluding selected special pages (I18N Special Pages plugin)

This plugin was tested with I18N v.3.2.8 and I18N Special Pages v.1.3.2

Version history:

  • 1.21 - new option: Remove 'View all Special Pages' button from Pages tab
  • 1.20 - added visual helper when dragging element to change its order on i18nnavigation plugin page
  • 1.19 - new option in configuration, additional security ccheck when saving special pages
  • 1.18 - fixes with i18n*navigation support
  • 1.17 - fixes with i18n_base support and disabling creating new pages on translations
  • 1.16 - fixes with i18nbase support and disabling creating new pages
  • 1.15 - optimalizations in i18nnavigation support
  • 1.14 - fix with i18n_navigation
  • 1.13 - fix with i18n_base
  • 1.12 - added new option, hiding page preview buttons
  • 1.11 - bug fix on detecting current admin page
  • 1.10 - bug fix on edit page.
  • 1.09 - bug fixes in i18n navigation support, etc.
  • 1.08 - bug fix in page clone security check
  • 1.07 - bug fixes in i18n navigation support
  • 1.06 - small fix in special pages restrictions
  • 1.05 - small fix
  • 1.04 - small fix in special pages with mulit-language support
  • 1.03 - I18N support added
  • 1.02 - plugin now works fine with pages created with I18N Special Pages plugin
  • 1.01 - if page visibility lock is enabled, plugin will also prevent changing it from I18N plugin Navigation Structure menu.
  • 1.0 - initial release


Install Instructions:

  • Unpack zip archive to your plugins folder
  • Enable the plugin in GS Admin


Go into Plugin tab in GS admin page and click Configure Page Lock on right sidebar.

Enter comma separated page slugs that you want to lock page options or disable delete option and select proper checkboxes.

You can also disable creating new pages and allow only selected types of pages that user can create (I18N Special Pages).

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