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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 - 3.3

Last Updated: May 4, 2014
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Plugin Description:

With this plugin is very easy to put comments in a page created with getsimple.

It is a beta version but I think that works good.

  • Works with GS31 and GS33
  • Include comments in pages. If you want it is possible to hide the system comment in a page and to use like contact page.
  • From Admin > pages, settings system.
  • Backup system.
  • CSS system. CSS file is in /plugins/pages_comments/pc.css.
  • Works with fancy url on and off.
  • Form with more security.
  • There are 4 models of forms with its css in /plugins/pages_comments/templateform/ . The enable form has to be called like pcform.php and the css pcform.css. Rename the form that more you like it.
  • Form supports bbcode
  • Send email to notify using standar function or class phpmailer.
  • Join to plugin frontend user plugin is possible have system of comment with user registered.
  • Shows recent comments in settings.
  • Customize the tittle of form for each page.
  • Moderated comments if you want.
  • System rating for comments: allows 1 vote each 24 hours and for each comment.
  • Blacklist words for comments.
  • Integrate with News Manager Plugin.
  • Integrate with GS Blog: to do, doesn't work.
  • Integrate with social media:to do, doesn't work.
  • Report inappropiate comments:to do, doesn't work.
  • Notify of update of comment: to do, doesn't work.
With this plugin we can do 2 mainly things:

      To add the comments system, simply go to Admin > Pages > Pages&comments:
        *Button 'Add Comments to Pages', there we see all the pages that don't have the comments system included. Click in 'Add' and later edit the options to choose if you want captcha, emoticons, etc.
        It is possible NOT to have comment in a page, choosing the option of 'No' to the comments; thus this page could be a contact form.

  • 2. USING THE FRONT END USER PLUGIN of mikeh, we can have comments in pages, but only registred user or login in user can write comments in that page; example in:
        In case that a page has marked 'Members only' in his configuration from Admin > Edit page, only this page will be seen if the user is logged in.
For more information go to Readme, or in his correspondent post.

Install Instructions:

   Unzip in folder plugins.
   a) From admin > pages > pages&comments button: configuration of settings of plugin, choose lang, email of notification, format date publication, default value for system comments...(view button Settings)
   b) To have pages created.
   c) if you want COMMENTS IN PAGE
     You can choose in that pages want comments from 'Add comment to pages' >> Add. (view button Add Comments to page)
    Comments are created in data/other/pages_comments, 1 file for page: name_of_page.log.
    If a page changes the url, too is changed the log of comments, and the url in data/other/pages_comments/pc_manager.xml.
   d) Data are saved in:
  • The general configuration is saved in data/other/pages_comments/pc_settgs.xml
  • The settings of pages are saved in data/other/pages_comments/pc_manager.xml
  • The setting of groups are saved in data/other/pages_comments/pc_group.xml
  • All comments are saved in data/other/pages_comments/pc_lastcom.xml


         Here, we can to see the last comments of all pages. From here, you can to remove a comment.

         To see the pages that has system of comments. You can:

    • Edit pages, click in page title , to choose if you want show comments, to use captcha, emoticons,...
    •      In comments, you can put emoticons. The emoticons are in /plugins/pages_comments/img_emots . If you want add more emoticons, only you have to paste *.gif in this folder. If you want delete some emoticons, only you have to delete it from folder.
    • Comments, to see comments of each page. If a page has comments, will appear number of comments; click in one you can see, remove, moderate the comments, and create a backup of comments log.
    • Preview system comments from Page. Click in '#', you can preview page + comments.
    • Delete system comments from Page. Click in 'x', you can remove only system comments, or page + comments of this page.
    •      It NEVER remove the page of 'PAGES'.

         Will see all pages created that has not system comment;. We can to do:
    • to add the system comments, click in Add.
    • Edit options, to choice if you want to use captcha, emoticons,...
    •      Is possible works joint Frontend user plugin. Of this way you can have a system of users that can write comments if they are logged.
  4. BACKUPs
         Will see the list of backup of logs (comments). These backups are created in View Comments (number of comments if there are comments).
         Every time that a log is created, the name of backup is: name of log + date + time.bak. It is possible recover this log, and remove it. When a log is recovered, always is done a copy of current log.
         The backups are saved in data/other/news_comments/news_comments_bak.

  5. SETTINGS or Configuration general, you have to choose:
    • Language to use.
    • Email: email that received notices from comments...
    • Post date format: there 5 formats to date publication in comments.
    • Receive notification by email: 3 options, never, to use standar function, or to use class phpmailer.
    •        If you need to use class phpmailer then you must complete the file /pages_comments/check.php with correct data in lines +- 249 to 273, and comment or uncomment the lines that need.
    • Default values to system comments.
    • Works with Front end user: yes or no.
    • If user can delete comments if main comment has replies.
    • Number of comments for recents posts.
I'm sorry for my english. Regards.

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