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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.1 - 3.1

Last Updated: November 17, 2012
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Author: 5wooley4
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Plugin Description:

This has been open sourced

Pajax loads content through ajax. It's still in beta and I do plan to add a few more features.


WARNING this is still in beta and now only works in 3.1

This plugin is still in beta and does work, however, it may not work with other plugins. If you find a plugin that it does not work with, please let me know.

Known compatibility issues

  1. I18N Gallery

The to do list

  1. Whitelist/Blacklist of pages to use with pajax.

Change Log

Beta 1.4.5

- Update to allow users or other plugins to use ajax from the theme without pajax intercepting. 

Beta 1.4.4

- Code cleanup fixed minor bug with thajax (AGAIN) hopefully thats the last one
     (thats why I cleaned up the code)

- Added some css for better animations

Beta 1.4.3

- Fixed a ie8 and below css bug. 

Beta 1.4.2

- Fixed a bug that made pajax and thajax fight!

Beta 1.4.0

- Added the experimental feature which modifies your theme to work with pajax.
   Hopefully this will take some of the stress out of the installation for some people.

- split the pajax file into several separate files, for readability, edit-ability, and general tidiness.


- Minor bug with the ajax saving, not saving weather or not you wanted to save with ajax...
   (confusing i know)


- Pajax now loads at the bottom of the page. 

- Hopefully fixed a bug where the back end loading animations did not appear in some cases.


- Added ajax saving in the back end.

- Fixed a minor bug where the title was not displaying correctly if no animation were selected.


- Added history and bookmarks 

- Cleaned up animations more.

- Changed the last link clicked on to have the class 'current' so it would change as if it were clicked on normally. 


- Multiple gif selections

- Added a bunch of options for customization.

- Smoothed out animations.


- Added animations

- Rearranged files/folders to match the get simple specifications.

- 1.1.1 Fixed a bug.


If you had beta version 1, all you need to do upgrade is copy the new files in and replace the old ones. You will end up with one extra file: "pajax/ajax-loading.gif" which you can delete because the image is now in "pagax/img/ajax-loading.gif".

E-mail me if you have any problems:

Install Instructions:

  1. Download Pajax
  2. Place into plugins folder
  3. In administration go to themes > Pajax Settings
  4. Fill in the id's or classes you want to be effected. (These should be jquery Dom objects, without quotes or $(). eg: .links)

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